How Camp and Gender Fluid Was the Indian ‘Camp’ at the Met Gala?
Met Gala 2019
Met Gala 2019(Photo: The Quint) 

How Camp and Gender Fluid Was the Indian ‘Camp’ at the Met Gala?

From Priyanka Chopra’s Mad Hatter ensemble alongside husband Nick Jonas’ white- sherwani-meets-gangster-matador moment, I believe, it’s going to take us all a heavy minute to digest all the “lewks” served at the met gala especially from our own desi fashionistas.

Met Gala is to the US what the Ambani wedding was to ‘us’, a bunch of extremely famous and incredibly good-looking people wearing what is only the most expensive couture imaginable to mankind. And just like how Isha Ambani’s wedding tax did the Indian economy a good one, the Met gala is actually a charitable fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume institute in NYC.

Maybe rich people showing up for charity looking like a million bucks, is a little too rich. Moving on.


Every year the gala has a theme, mostly always outlandish and out there, and this year their theme was “camp”.

Now for uncool noobs like me and for those who assumed that camp wear meant trek shorts and a pair of hiking shoes, “camp” means something that is disturbingly amusing thereby making it iconic.

But more than anything “camp” is strongly related to the queer aesthetic of that most recognizable being drag fashion which is all about visually vocalising the“inappropriate” and expressing gender fluidity. And this year India did a good job ‘camp’-aigning for camp (sorry that pun was lying in plain sight).

Starting with Priyanka Chopra who personified Alice in the Wonderland. Her look was a trip down memory lane, with her afro channelling Helena Carter and Johnny Depp’s Red Lady and Mad Hatter. Donning a very out there feathery dress, bedazzled in silver bindis was just the cherry on the whole makeup game she had going on. Also super gender fluid! So kudos to her for being on theme.

Husband Nick Jonas didn’t fall short either, my once-teenage self is living for his kohl eyes and that highlighter uff! These two should start making babies NOW. Bhabhi Sophie and Bhaiya Joe also sparkled like glitter bombs on the red carpet and together these four looked like the Avant Garde brady bunch!

Deepika Padukone wore what looked like the prettiest barbie gown with a poofy pony tail and boy was she cute. But so were the other ten celebrities who showed up looking just like her.

Although this year Deepika was fairly on theme, her look unfortunately will be remembered only as “that other barbie dress” *sigh*.

Isha ambani and Natasha Poonawala were also present in full gusto, while Isha looked like a delicate lavender, Natasha pulled of a sexy Elsa from frozen. We wished they had pushed the bar just a little more though!

But still camp is a lot about what you make it, just like art and since fashion is the most consumed form of art, I believe this year’s met gala gave us some extremely frame worthy moments. Literally.

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