*Happy Tears* Daniel Sturridge Reunites With his Lost Puppy Lucci
Lucci has been found!
Lucci has been found!(Photo: Instagram/Danielsturridge)

*Happy Tears* Daniel Sturridge Reunites With his Lost Puppy Lucci

On July 8, ex-Liverpool soccer star Daniel Sturridge’s Pomeranian puppy, Lucci was kidnapped from his house in Los Angeles. Sturridge’s Hollywood home fell prey to burglary with Lucci becoming the unfortunate casualty to the whole ordeal. Sturridge took to Twitter and Instagram in a desperate attempt to retrieve the Pomeranian.


Daniel’s heartfelt video saw him offering to pay ‘anything’ for any information on his dogs’ whereabouts. According to The Sun, Sturridge offered to pay a sizable amount upon the return of his dog.

“£20,000 straight up. Twenty g’s, thirty g’s, whatever. Bring my dog back to this house, I’m moving out of this bitch anyway, I don’t give a shit about this place. I want my dog back and I’ll pay whatever.”     
Daniel Sturridge 

During this time frame, LA based rapper Killa Fame used Twitter to reach out to Daniel Sturridge claiming to have found Lucci with a tweet reading “Man I have found him.”

An article by The Sun reported the rapper post a video of a young boy holding the dog with the words “Mr, Mr, I found your dog. Here it is right here Mr Sturridge; I got the dog right here” being uttered off-screen.

Daniel Sturridge has not publicly responded to Killa Fame’s tweet instead requesting users with any information on the puppy location to reach out to him on Instagram personal messaging services. He also tweeted out a message requesting people claiming to have found the puppy to provide his identification.

On July 10, the football star took to Instagram to announce that Lucci was safely become home. He claims to have traveled to South LA with friends to retrieve Lucci. Following this video, rapper Killa Fame took to Twitter claiming to have been cheated out of the reward money by the football star.

Killa has since come under heavy fire from Twitter users for his comments. Daniel Sturridge has chosen not to comment on this situation.

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