‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Adorbs Canine Who Played Cheddar Passed Away
Still from Brooklyn Nine Nine 
Still from Brooklyn Nine Nine Photo Courtesy : Netflix Screengrab/Edited By The Quint

‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Adorbs Canine Who Played Cheddar Passed Away

On Monday, July 8, the adorable corgi “Cheddar” from NBC’s wildly loved sitcom “Brooklyn Nine Nine” passed away breaking fans’ hearts.

From causing Amy Santiago’s allergies to flare up, eating turtleneck sweaters and playing Captain Holt’s partner in crime in the Halloween heist, Cheddar will be remembered for all this and more.

The dog’s real name was in fact Stewart and also has a sister named Stella who is set to replace him on the show. Stewart’s owner announced the sad news on Instagram in the most touching way possible. What’s reassuring is the fact that Stewart passed away ‘peacefully’ at his favorite place- the beach.

The ‘Supaah Staah’ as titled by his real owner Monica, had caused fans to split their sides on more than one occasion. Here’s looking at some of his best moments -

The dynamic duo of Cheddar and Captain Holt have been the reason for pet owners to go green with envy. The ‘not some common bi***’ as Holt said in one of the episodes, will truly be missed.

Clearly Stewart had a loving fan-base of his own. However we’re happy that he left us all, doing what he loved the most, which was playing at the beach and enjoy a good grub at “In & Out Burgers”

Here’s hoping Stella keeps his spirit alive!

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