‘Housefull 4’ Honest Review: Just... Don’t Even Watch It

‘Housefull 4’ Honest Review: Just... Don’t Even Watch It


2019: Three heroes, three heroines, a father, two villains, one Pasta and one Pasta ki biwi.

1419: Three heroes, three heroines, a father, two villains, one Pasta and one Pasta ki biwi. So many characters that you may doze off between scenes trying to keep up.

Housefull 4 is about three London-based brothers who want to marry the three daughters of a rich businessman. One of the brothers, Harry, played by Akshay Kumar, keeps getting flashbacks from his past life.

We then go back to 1419 and see the same characters as Rajas and Ranis and then Khal Drogo - sorry, I mean Rana Daggubati, wants badla. He is the girls’ brother in 2019 and then... Phew! That’s it. The film is really not worth it.

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Welcome to Cringe Town

Now, Housefull 4 is supposed to be a slapstick comedy but the most entertaining bit of the film was the two samosas, butter popcorn and Pepsi that I had.

How can a film be remotely interesting if it starts with homophobic and sexist jokes?. Dialogues like “Is ne gender ka tender nahi bhara (He hasn’t filled a tender for his gender)” will make you cringe.

If you think this was bad, wait for this one: Kriti Kharbanda’s character, while wrongly accusing Bobby Deol of rape, says “Main abla hoon, tabla nahi.” Making things worse, the director, writer and actors forget that when a woman says no it means no. It’s a Hindi film, so even if the female actors refuse to kiss, there’s always a song to woo them. If offending us was the intention, Sajid Khan could have been brought on board as the director.

Among the female characters, Kriti Sanon is the only one who has a sizeable role, Pooja Hegde and Kriti Kharbanda are nothing but props. The only saving graces of the film are Akshay Kumar and Johnny Lever. From the song and dance sequences, the only thing that remains with you is Bobby Deol trying to coordinate his hand and leg movements. The spoofs that qualify as film dialogues and the Baahubali title track might make you laugh but other than that, this fourth instalment of Housefull will fail to tickle your funny bones.

So my suggestion is – spend your Diwali at home with your loved ones rather than wasting 145 minutes of your life.

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