Twinkle Khanna On Akshay Kumar: The Father, The Husband & The Man

Twinkle Khanna On Akshay Kumar: The Father, The Husband & The Man


Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have been giving us some intense #CoupleGoals for over two decades now. Watch this video to get a glimpse into the other side of Khiladi Kumar and how he and Twinkle make marriage look so effortless.

Let’s also take a look at some of Twinkle’s most adorable Instagram posts dedicated to her 'man of the house’, just making us fall in love with them a little more.

Even after all these years, she still thinks he is “easy on the eyes”. Yes, that he is FOSHO.

These two have definitely mastered love and every skill that it needs.

Best Friends in love = Perfect!

They are comfortably goofy with each other.

The real test for any relationship- they can even work together!

Some people are definitely worth holding on to.

They learn from each other... and grow together.

Finally, here’s the best relationship advice from Mrs Funnybones.

“All his strengths are my weaknesses and my weaknesses are his strength. So, instead of saying that he should be more like me... and why should he be more like me? What am I going to learn if he is like me? I really believe two peas in a pod died of inertia. We are not two peas in a pod and we keep growing because of that, because we rub off each other. I think that’s why marriages fail because you keep trying to change the other person into a clone of you, it’s not possible.”
Twinkle Khanna in an interview to Radio City India during the promotions of Padman

They definitely make us believe in happily ever after.

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