This 60-Year-Old Is Looking For A Date On Valentine’s Day

This 60-Year-Old Is Looking For A Date On Valentine’s Day


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Feisty by nature, romantic at heart, with a ‘wicked sense of humour’, sixty-year-old Abdullah Sultana is living the phrase ‘age is just a number’.

After flying for Air India for over 30 years – first as an air hostess, then as in-charge of the cabin crew – Sultana has a story to tell from every city she has visited thus.

New York, Paris, Nairobi, Tokyo, Rome are few such cities on top of her mind.

She is retired now and misses the sky, but appreciates the merits of ‘having time for herself.’

For example, dating!

Sultana was recently featured by a leading daily in an article that read: A Suitable Boy Wanted.

Quite like the headline, the matter involved Sultana listing down particulars of her hunt for a ‘suitable groom.’

‘A Suitable Boy Wanted’ featured Sultana Abdullah’s unique quest for love.
‘A Suitable Boy Wanted’ featured Sultana Abdullah’s unique quest for love.
(Picture Courtesy: Screengrab of this article.)

Age No Bar In Pyaar

A sixty-year-old looking for a husband created quite a buzz. It also opened us up to a conversation we rarely have: How do single men and women in their 50s and 60s meet and date, and possibly marry?

Sultana was married once and it ended soon after she realised the cons of rushing to commit to a relationship.

“It was a bad decision, when I look back at it. I was young and naive then.” 
Sultana Abdullah

That doesn’t mean she has given up on love. In fact, she looks forward to it more than ever now. At the ‘tender’ age of 60, she wishes to date, love, and marry and settle into her forever after.

And why not? Age shouldn’t stop you from finding love and happiness, right?

Sultana doesn’t consider her age to be a deterrent in the love game. In fact, it’s a weapon that allows her to choose wisely, and be picky. She won’t lower her standards and ‘settle for something less.’

Sultana’s Ideal Man Is:

Person asking her out must be a ‘decent man who has mastered the art of respectfully speaking to a woman, has seen the ups and downs of life, and has emerged positive and interesting.’

“If he is late for the date, the date ends there,” Sultana warns.

Sultana doesn’t buy what Tinder profile these days are spewing.

What is even a ‘sapiosexual’? Sultana has no qualms in admitting that she prefers her man to be well read and handsome. Why compromise looks for intelligence?

Why not have both?

Also, the man should know how to strike a balance between liberal thoughts and conservative instincts. It’s great if he has western sensibilities but he should also appreciate the ‘wonderful’ Indian heritage.

Are You Game To Play Cupid?

To help find her ideal man we have started a campaign under #NoBarForPyaar

Do you have what it takes to ask out this lovely lady for a date on Valentine’s Day?

Or know someone who’d be just the match to spend a romantic evening with her?

Write to us at or send your proposals for Sultana here. (Let’s keep it clean, boys?)

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