10 Extremely Important Questions That the PM has Finally Answered
PM Modi’s ‘informal’ chat with actor Akshay Kumar. 
PM Modi’s ‘informal’ chat with actor Akshay Kumar. (Photo: ANI) 

10 Extremely Important Questions That the PM has Finally Answered

The moment came guys. The PM finally answered all the burning questions that the nation wanted to know, in a “candid” and “non-political” chat with Akshay Kumar. Here’s the ten most important questions, curated just for you, the politically aware citizen of India.

Q: Does He Like Eating Mangoes? A: Yes!

In his “non-political” interaction with full time Bollywood actor and part-time publicist, Akshay Kumar, the prime minister revealed that he *loves* mangoes. That too, ever since his childhood.

But he also shared with the nation that earlier he did not have enough money to buy mangoes, and would enjoy the fruit in the fields after plucking them from the trees.

We thank the PM for sharing this trivia. After all, answering questions like these is no aam baat.


Q: How Many Hours Does he Sleep?

By now, you must have heard, from WhatsApp University, or mainstream media, about Modi’s barely there sleeping schedule. And more importantly, how despite sleeping for such less hours, Modi ji still doesn’t have any dark circles?

Well, you are not alone. Even Obama, Modi’s “close friend” wondered the same. To which our PM replied, “ I sleep for 3-3.5 hours and I sleep well.”

Well, glad to know the PM is sleeping okay. After all, a lot is riding on this chowkidaar.

Q: How He Reacts to Twinkle Khanna’s Tweets

A: By feeling good about the fact that at least with him getting all the brickbats, Akshay would be having a more peaceful time.

Q: How He Kept His Canvas Shoes White?

Answer: By putting chalk on them.

Well, what can we say, except chalk de phatte!

Q: Is He Pals with the Opposition?

Did you think that the discourse in politics has stooped too low with extremely unparliamentary things being said about opponents?

Well, worry not. Because PM Modi has assured us that his equation with Opposition leaders (albeit some) is thicker than Jai Veeru.

There is this one incident which happened when I was not even Gujarat Chief Minister. I had gone to parliament for some work. I was talking to Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad in a jovial manner. Later, when we came outside, some mediapersons asked me, how come we are good friends, me being from RSS. Ghulam Nabi gave a good answer. We are connected like a family which you do not see on the outside.
Narendra Modi, PM

If only this camaraderie could reflect in personal attack laden speeches as well!

Q: Does He Ever, Like a Normal Human Being, Get Angry?

Answer: Ermm.. No.
"I do not express my anger as it leads to negativity," he says.

Q: Who From Opposition Sends Him Kurtas

A: You guys would not see this coming, but the correct answer is “Mamata didi”.

People will be surprised and I should not say this in the election season, but Mamata didi sends me gifts every year. She still sends me one or two kurtas that she picks herself a year.
Narendra Modi, PM

Well, considering Nitish Kumar is now part of NDA, one must never underestimate the PM’s power of ‘stitching’ an unlikely alliance!

Q: Did He Ever Go like , “I Wanna Be the PM When I Grow Up?”

A: No, it all happened very organically, answers the PM.

Q: What Does He Use When He gets Zukhaam?

A: yes, you are right. It has something to do with Ayurveda!

Q: Why does He Wear Half Sleeves Kurtas?

A: Cause he used to travel a lot and the full kurtas would take up more space.

Hopefully now y’all will stop asking your unimportant questions.

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