Show the Josh! This Republic Day, Send a ‘Sandesh to a Soldier’

Show the Josh! This Republic Day, Send a ‘Sandesh to a Soldier’

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Video Editor: Kunal Mehra
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What is ‘Sandesh to a Soldier’?

What would you say to a soldier who has missed holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of his child, and many such occasions, only because he’s doing his duty?
If you had a chance to send your sandesh to a soldier who has devoted one’s life to the nation or someone who is ready to, what would you say?

This Republic Day, The Quint is asking YOU, the citizens, to write and record your sandesh to a soldier – India’s silent heroes.

The Quint will collate all the responses via an interactive app on the website.

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Why ‘Sandesh to a Soldier’?

To celebrate the Indian Republic, and the safety we cherish in the country, The Quint wishes to salute the soldiers for their commitment and bravery; for doing their duty selflessly, staying away from their families for months, missing their child’s first day at school, or not being around to help their ageing parents.

Through 'Sandesh to a Soldier', The Quint wants to connect the Indian citizens to the soldiers they may have never known. It's a silent gratitude, a token of appreciation and a patriotic exercise. Jai Hind.

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How to Send Your Sandesh?

It’s pretty simple.

Just write a letter or record your message and email your sandesh to or WhatsApp at 9999008335.

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