It’s Been 8 Long Years, Logix. Where is my Flat?

It’s Been 8 Long Years, Logix. Where is my Flat?

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Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia

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On 1 December 2018, buyers of Logix Blossom Greens and Logix Blossom Zest organised a protest against the builders. It was a peaceful, one-day fasting protest, where hundreds of buyers came to the streets.

Our protest was not just against the Logix builders, but also against the Noida Authority and RERA.

The flats, which were booked in 2010-11, are far from completion, including mine. The builders’ had promised to complete the the project in 18 months, but it’s been eight years and there are still no flats.

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Noida Authority is unable to give us any satisfactory response either. In 2014, Noida Authority ignored the malpractices and illegal construction by the builder in this project. And instead of taking any strict actions against them, they have, in fact, handed over the Occupancy Certificate to eight towers in 2017.

I spoke to another buyer who, along with me, was protesting against the builder.

“Till date, the electricity to these eight towers is being provided by diesel generators, bypassing all regulations.”
Naval Bajaj, resident

Peruse Malik, a Logix Blossom Greens buyer, says, “Logix has diverted our money to other projects, which has left us with no option other than protesting on roads for our rights.”

The protest won’t end here. If things don’t get better, we will head to Logix Mall and to the builder’s home or office.

All we wish for is for is to get our flats.

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