We Were Assaulted in Delhi’s Hauz Khas on 31 Dec as Others Cheered
 I am still in shock as to what transpired with us at New Year’s Eve in Delhi’s Hauz Khas.
I am still in shock as to what transpired with us at New Year’s Eve in Delhi’s Hauz Khas.(Photo: Aishwarya S Iyer/Altered by The Quint)

We Were Assaulted in Delhi’s Hauz Khas on 31 Dec as Others Cheered

It has been almost five days and I am still in shock as to what transpired with us at New Year's Eve in Delhi’s Hauz Khas.

I have loved this city all my life, but the events of 31 December have left me appalled at the brazen mob mentality here and the harassment that goes with it. I want to highlight this incident to shed light on the fact that no one in this city is safe, and it is we, the people who need to take the leap in ensuring our safety and those of our loved ones.

On 31 December, I had gone to a restaurant at Hauz Khas to celebrate with my wife and her friends. Post-midnight, a duo of 20-year-old men started following us while we were waiting for our cab.

These men started passing comments at us. I strictly told them to mind their own business, and a small scuffle ensued. We then sought help from two patrolling officers nearby, and complained to them. The cops slapped the two men. They then left.

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Little did I know they would return, this time more in number (10 or 15 if I can recall correctly) to attack us. Not only did they attack me, but they punched, slapped, and even kicked three other ladies accompanying me, one of whom was my wife. The horror did not end there.

The men groped my wife and her friends, and hurled rape threats at the women. In the midst of all this, they snatched my wife’s phone.

She was not even trying to record the incident, so we do not know why they’d take her phone. She was left crying in the middle of the street.

My wife has an injury on her upper body. All her friends are still in shock.

All of this was happening virtually 100 m away from the police barricading. The shock did not end there. None of the passersby came to our rescue, instead they started taking videos of hooligans attacking us. Thankfully, the officers on duty helped us get into a cab back home.

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What I find difficult to fathom is how sickening it is to see other men cheering hooligans assaulting women.

We were assaulted in the middle of the street in front of 50 people at least, never have I felt so helpless.

The mob, under the influence of alcohol, assaulted us just because we raised objection to eve teasing. Is machoism defined by beating up people?

On 2 January, we filed an FIR in the Hauz Khas police station for sexual assault, harassment, and robbery (The Quint has access to a copy of the FIR). It is even saddening that we have spent the initial days of the new year in and out of the court and the police station.

If in case you are going out late at night, may this incident serve as a reminder of the grim reality that we live in. Delhi, you will never be the same for me, ever.

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