Father +Ve After 1st Dose, With Severe Symptoms: How We Recovered

Timely medical intervention gave my father a new lease of life.

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Vrushali Hatangadi’s father tested positive after the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

It all started when my father and mother – 57 and 49 years old respectively – went to get their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine in Mumbai on 1 April. Both of them had side-effects like fever and body ache, but my father’s temperature was 103 degrees after three days of the jab. On Sunday, 4 April, on the advice of a friend, we got him tested. It took 48 hours for the result, however, on 5 April, my entire family started showing symptoms. We all had high fever, headache, and body ache. He tested positive the following day.

My father had severe symptoms, his temperature was 104 degrees by now. The doctor had started medication but my dad's CT score was 12, meaning he was very contagious (the CT score of COVID patients is inversely proportional to their viral load).

The BMC had called us as well and asked us questions about his health. My parents were feeling very weak and were unable to work. The medications were ongoing and we were consulting doctors online. Test results for the rest of the family returned positive on 10 April.

Father +Ve After 1st Dose, With Severe Symptoms: How We Recovered
(Photo Courtesy: Vrushali Hatangadi)

My grandfather had turned 90 years old that day, but unfortunately, he, too, had tested positive.

By 9-10 April, my father’s oxygen levels dropped. Before that, SpO2 was 96-97, but then the oximeter gave an emergency alert. At first we thought it was faulty, as there were different results on two oximeters. But his oxygen levels were at 89 or 88 continuously.

Meanwhile, my grandfather was persistent to get admitted to the hospital. He, too, had symptoms of fever and weakness. My dad did not want him to get admitted alone, and hence, both of them got admitted on 11 April at a private hospital. It is to be noted that we had been looking for beds for three days, but none were available. We were told there is a queue of a hundred people for one bed, chosen on a basis of who is feeling worse.

Tough Week Ahead for My Family

On 11 April, at around 3:30 pm, my mother got a distress call from the doctor who informed her that they were shifting her husband to the ICU. All of us were quarantined at home with low CT levels, helpless as none of us could be there for my father. We called dad’s elder cousin to check on him. My family went through a very difficult time and the worst was not over.

Nobody was allowed to meet us or help us despite wanting to, but fortunately, my father’s friends dropped off food packets, and called to check on us etc. It was emotionally and physically a nightmare.

I used to break down every day, fearing the worst. We are very thankful to our dad’s cousin and friend who used to take trips to the hospital, talk to the doctors, and update us on our father and grandfather's health.

Father +Ve After 1st Dose, With Severe Symptoms: How We Recovered
(Photo Courtesy: Vrushali Hatangadi)

My father's lungs were 80 percent affected and he was critical in those three days. Relatives and well-wishers kept calling us to check, but we ourselves did not know much and our health was also at risk of deteriorating. We were only told he will take time to recover. He was finally shifted from the private hospital to the makeshift BKC COVID centre due to oxygen shortage, his friend helped arrange a bed and my father was in recovery for five days there. On 23 April, he returned home healthy. He had defeated COVID.

Our family is grateful to all COVID workers, doctors, nurses, ward boys — they have been saviours in the truest sense. Our family members went from pillar to post to arrange Remdesivir and Tocilizumab. I feel it is my father’s good karma and good deeds that helped him survive and made several people come to his rescue. They made several calls, ran around pharmacies. Our friends and relatives were on ground level when we could not be there. It feels like he got a new lease of life.

Father +Ve After 1st Dose, With Severe Symptoms: How We Recovered
(Photo Courtesy: Vrushali Hatangadi)

My dad’s will power to live, and my grandfather's persistence for pushing to go to the hospital made sure they both got timely intervention. It was a blessing in disguise as the doctor said more complications would have arisen if we had delayed admission. My father was the most critical but the fastest to recover. We are happy to have him back.

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