Duronto Express: Timings, Routes, Ticket Fare

All Duronto Express train coaches are painted with yellow and green colours, making its appearance distinctive.

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Duronto Express, the high speed long-distance train was launched by Indian Railways in the year 2009. The first Duronto Express ran from the Sealdah railway station in Kolkata to New Delhi and since then many trains have been added to Duronto Express’ lineup. It was introduced by the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee.

The train got its name from the Bengali word 'Duronto', which means 'restless'.

Currently, there are 26 pairs (52 trains) of Duronto Express trains running across the country connecting major cities. They are long-distance trains with very few stops. Since it is a long-distance train, food is provided to the passengers inside the train.

All Duronto Express train coaches are painted with yellow and green colours, which makes its appearance quite distinctive from other trains.

In this article, we have curated the details of all Duronto Express trains running across the country.

Duronto Express Time Table

NameStart StationStart TimeDestinationEnd TimeDistance
Duronto Express (12213)YESVANTPUR JN23:40DELHI S ROHILLA07:002374 kms
YPR Duronto Express (12214)DELHI S ROHILLA23:00YESVANTPUR JN07:552367 kms
SC Duronto Express (12219)LOKMANYATILAK T23:05SECUNDERABAD JN11:05773 kms
Duronto Ac Express (12220)SECUNDERABAD JN23:05LOKMANYATILAK T11:05773 kms
PUNE HWH Duronto (12221)PUNE JN15:15HOWRAH JN19:502020 kms
HWH PUNE Duronto (12222)HOWRAH JN08:20PUNE JN11:452020 kms
LTT ERS Duronto (12223)LOKMANYATILAK T20:50ERNAKULAM JN18:201599 kms
ERS LTT Duronto (12224)ERNAKULAM JN21:30LOKMANYATILAK T18:151599 kms
Indore Duronto (12227)MUMBAI CENTRAL23:15INDORE JN BG11:05829 kms
Mumbai Duronto (12228)INDORE JN BG23:00MUMBAI CENTRAL10:50829 kms
Jaipur Duronto (12239)MUMBAI CENTRAL23:15JAIPUR14:351159 kms
JP MMCT Duronto (12240)JAIPUR19:10MUMBAI CENTRAL10:501159 kms
HWH YPR Duronto (12245)HOWRAH JN10:50YESVANTPUR JN16:001946 kms
YPR - HWH WEEKLY DURANTO (12246)Yesvantpur Jn11:00Howrah Jn16:451953.7 kms
NDLS Duronto (12259)SEALDAH18:30BIKANER JN19:151916 kms
SDAH Duronto Express (12260)BIKANER JN12:15SEALDAH12:451916 kms
CSMT HWH Duronto (12261)C SHIVAJI MAH T17:15HOWRAH JN19:501968 kms
HWH CSTM Duronto (12262)HOWRAH JN08:20C SHIVAJI MAH T10:301968 kms
PUNE NZM Duronto (12263)PUNE JN11:10H NIZAMUDDIN06:551520 kms
PUNE Duronto Express (12264)H NIZAMUDDIN10:55PUNE JN07:101520 kms
DEE JAT Duronto (12265)DELHI S ROHILLA22:15JAMMU TAWI07:25578 kms
Duronto Express (12266)JAMMU TAWI19:20DELHI S ROHILLA04:20578 kms
RJT Duronto Express (12267)MUMBAI CENTRAL23:25RAJKOT JN10:55738 kms
MMCT Duronto Express (12268)RAJKOT JN19:05MUMBAI CENTRAL06:00738 kms
Duronto Express (12269)MGR CHENNAI CTL06:40H NIZAMUDDIN10:402180 kms
MAS Duronto Express (12270)H NIZAMUDDIN15:45MGR CHENNAI CTL20:402175 kms
NDLS Duronto (12273)HOWRAH JN08:35NEW DELHI06:251529 kms
HWH Duronto Express (12274)NEW DELHI12:55HOWRAH JN10:401529 kms
NDLS Humsafar (12275)ALLAHABAD JN22:20NEW DELHI06:15634 kms
Ald Humsafar (12276)NEW DELHI22:15PRAYAGRAJ JN.06:20634 kms
BBS Duronto Express (12281)BHUBANESWAR07:40NEW DELHI06:251750 kms
BBS Duronto Express (12282)NEW DELHI12:55BHUBANESWAR11:151727 kms
ERS NZM Duronto (12283)ERNAKULAM JN23:25H NIZAMUDDIN19:402943 kms
NZM-ERS DURONTO EXPRESS (12284)Hazrat Nizamuddin21:35Ernakulam Jn16:102639.4 kms
NZM Duronto Express (12285)SECUNDERABAD JN13:10H NIZAMUDDIN10:401667 kms
NZM-SC DURONTO EXP (12286)Hazrat Nizamuddin15:45Secunderabad Jn14:001660.7 kms
CSMT NGP Duronto (12289)C SHIVAJI MAH T20:15NAGPUR07:20837 kms
NGP CSMT Duronto (12290)NAGPUR20:40C SHIVAJI MAH T08:05837 kms
Ald Duronto Express (12293)LOKMANYATILAK T17:25PRAYAGRAJ JN.12:451348 kms
ALD LTT Duronto (12294)ALLAHABAD JN19:20LOKMANYATILAK T14:551348 kms
PUNE Duronto (12297)AHMEDABAD JN22:25PUNE JN07:10631 kms
PUNE ADI Duronto (12298)PUNE JN21:35AHMEDABAD JN06:30635 kms
Duronto Express (22201)SEALDAH20:00PURI04:35522 kms
Duronto Express (22202)Puri19:20Sealdah04:15518.4 kms
SC Duronto Express (22203)VISAKHAPATNAM19:45SECUNDERABAD JN06:15699 kms
VSKP Duronto Express (22204)SECUNDERABAD JN20:15VISAKHAPATNAM06:30699 kms
MDU Duronto Express (22205)MGR CHENNAI CTL22:30MADURAI JN07:10559 kms
MAS Duronto Express (22206)MADURAI JN22:45MGR CHENNAI CTL07:20559 kms
NDLS Duronto Express (22209)MUMBAI CENTRAL23:15NEW DELHI16:301384 kms
MMCT Duronto (22210)NEW DELHI23:25MUMBAI CENTRAL16:151384 kms
SHM PNBE Duronto (22213)SHALIMAR22:00PATNA JN06:40546 kms
PNBE - SHM DURONTO WXP (22214)Patna Jn20:40Kolkata Shalimar05:40538.7 kms

Duronto Express Fare

Duronto Express trains are a series of superfast trains that connect various cities across India. The fare for the same depends on the route of the train and the class you want to travel in.

  • AC First Class - Rs 6,595
  • AC Two Tier - Rs 3,795
  • AC Three Tier - 2,885

Note: The above-mentioned fares are of Yesvantpur Delhi Sarai Rohilla Duronto Express (12213). Fares may changes, as dynamic fares are also included sometimes.

Duronto Express Route

Duronto Express trains run on various routes, connecting one state to another. For complete information on the Duronto Superfast special trains routes, passengers can visit www.enquiry.indianrail.gov.in or download the NTES app.

Duronto Express: How to Book Tickets

Tickets for the Duronto Express can be booked just as tickets are booked for any other Indian train. Passengers can book it from IRCTC's official website or visit any railway reservation counter in India.

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