You Can Get Married to an Amsterdam Local for Just a Day!
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You Can Get Married to an Amsterdam Local for Just a Day!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get married to someone for just a day and then bid farewell to them forever?

Well, now you can! And yes, you heard that right. To promote positive tourism in Amsterdam, tourists are being offered a novel and exciting experience: they can get married to a local for a day, whom they might not have even met before, and spend the day enjoying Amsterdam’s local culture.


Tourists are married to a local resident in a 35-minute ceremony. The marriage is sealed with a hug and the newlyweds are free to spend the day together!

The couple then heads to lesser-known destinations in the city for their honeymoon. They spend all day exploring and enjoying the Amsterdam life, after which their marriage is dissolved.

Amsterdam welcomes both men and women to take part in the group wedding for locals and tourists.

The mock wedding costs 100 Euros per person. The charge covers outfits, the wedding set, speech, picture and rings that the two can keep. One activity chosen by the local ‘spouse’ is also included in the package.

It is to be noted that these weddings are just for tourists to experience and enjoy the Amsterdam life in a positive way and should not be confused as an escort service.

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Authorities believe this exciting opportunity will help to build a positive atmosphere in Amsterdam. Tourists will get to experience the culture more closely and the activity will strengthen the relationship between tourists and locals. The activity also provides tourists the opportunity to visit some lesser-known areas of the city.

If you want to spend a day being married to a local in Amsterdam and experience the city differently, visit:

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