Do You Know How MAGGI Noodles are Made? We Know How!
Do You Know How MAGGI Noodles are Made? We Know How!
Photo: Nestlé MAGGI

Do You Know How MAGGI Noodles are Made? We Know How!

Doesn’t matter what kind of kitchen you have, whether it’s packed with the latest appliances or whether it comprises of an electric hot-plate and a pan, one thing is for sure – you’ve cooked MAGGI at some point. It’s the one thing that’s found in every Indian kitchen.

For seasoned cooks, MAGGI is a blank canvas which they use to create their own dishes. For the people who have difficulty even figuring out how to turn on the stove, it’s a dish that allows them to confidently reply “yes” when someone asks them whether they know how to cook. Easy to cook. Tasty. Quick. It’s the perfect meal for every occasion.

MAGGI has been making our lives easier and now after 35 years of being a part of our kitchens, it’s turning the tables and inviting India into their kitchen. From Our Kitchen to Your Kitchen is a 4-part video series which will give us a peek at the process that makes India’s favourite 2-minute dish. From the choicest wheat grains to carefully roasted spices, discover all the natural goodness that goes into the making of India’s favourite MAGGI. All you have to do is take a couple of minutes out of your day and let famous foodies Rocky and Mayur take you on this amazing journey.

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