Your Definitive Guide to Mumbai’s Street Fashion Is Here
Your Definitive Guide to Mumbai’s Street Fashion Is Here

Your Definitive Guide to Mumbai’s Street Fashion Is Here

As much as fashion is about high-end couture and designer labels, it’s also about street culture, specially if the city in question is Mumbai. The vibrant and colourful steets of Mumbai have for long inspired art forms such as hip-hop and rap, the language of the people and most importantly, its fashion sense. It’s hard to not notice how the gullies of Mumbai have a given a powerful voice to its fashion scene. That’s exactly what Myntra Unforgettables is celebrating by way of their latest campaign - #StraightOuttaStreet.

As part of this campaign, Myntra introduces us to people who’ve made Mumbai’s streets their fashion runway. They embody what street style is all about - individual, innovative, offbeat and also a little eccentric. Watch this video to know what makes street fashion so unique.

Street fashion is an inseparable element of pop culture, and the best part is that it’s constantly evolving. It defines you and your attitude towards life. Such is the impact of street style that even Bollywood actors don’t shy away from flaunting it. Watch how Kangana and Deepika are acing the street look.

To be able to carry off street fashion effortlessly, you must make sure that your lingo is on point as well. You should be able to tell the difference ‘bawse’ and ‘sauce’. Wondering how to go about this? Don’t worry. This Myntra video has you covered.

Well, now we know that you too can’t wait to up your street fashion game. So head over to Myntra for clothes that are #StraightOuttaStreet and take your swag quotient to the next level.

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