Metabolism and Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Know more about weight loss and metabolism while debunking the common myths.

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The word metabolism is used a lot in the weight loss or diet culture and people are hardly unaware of their actions and diets on the metabolism or the relationship between metabolism and weight loss.

There are a lot of myths, misconceptions, and wrong knowledge due to the lack of knowledge. Firstly, metabolism is the rate at which the body converts calories into energy so that the body can function and perform basic functions like breathing and blinking.

The process of busting these weight loss and metabolism myths will also help to know why there's a difference in the metabolic rate of people and what can improve or worsen it further.


Consume Fewer Calories, Burn More

According to PubMed Central, they advise that one should eat less and move more or burn more calories than they consume seems to be right in theory and might work for some as well but it is harmful in the long run as well as it results in regaining of weight after a few months.

The reason for people regaining weight may be underlying biological and physiological reasons. Moreover, when we go on a calorie deficit, the automatic response of our body is to release hormones that make us more hungry in the long run and it is difficult to continue a calorie deficit diet since our food choices depend on the environment and mindset as well.

Carbs Causes Weight Gain

There is no doubt that the low-carb diet aids weight loss but that is because we have low carbs and high protein diets altogether but that does not mean that carbs are responsible for weight gain.

According to the US NIH, carbs have been consumed before the obesity epidemic and it has no link with weight gain except the refined carbs like white bread, bagels, pizza, sugar, white rice, cereals, etc.

Eating Frequently Boosts the Metabolism

It is a common belief that eating smaller meals throughout the day boosts metabolism, which is not true. The human body uses calories to digest food and it is 10 percent of the total calorie intake.


According to PubMed Central, there is no link between the increase in metabolic rate and frequency of meals since metabolism depends on the amount of food and not the frequency. So, consuming 300 calorie meal three times or 900 calories altogether has the same effect on the metabolism of a person.

Breakfast Helps Boost Metabolism

It is a myth that people who eat breakfast tend to lose weight faster or tend to weigh less than the people who skip their breakfast but that is not true. According to US NIH, there is no effect of breakfast on the weight of the people.

The simple trick is to eat whenever you feel hungry. The few studies of people having breakfast weigh less might be only due to the other healthy habits that help them keep their weight in check.

Thin People are Healthier Than the Fat Ones

This is one of the most common myths that thin people are absolutely healthy and fat people have poor metabolism. According to PubMed Central, fat people can have a proper metabolic rate and thin people can be at risk of chronic conditions like heart diseases, cancers, and diabetes.

There is no evidence that fat people have a poor metabolism and thin people do not suffer from chronic conditions.

Diets Help Lose Weight

Firstly, there are several factors that help you lose weight and diet alone cannot ensure a healthy weight loss. Exercise, gradual weight loss, and hydration also play a major role.

Moreover, you must stay away from the products in the market that claim to help you lose weight faster or claim to be healthier, they would be marked as 'gluten-free' or 'fat-free' foods but the labels are less informative and more deceiving. Therefore, talk to your dietician and nutritionist about your weight loss programme.

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