#LetsTalkSex: Why Do My Nipples Pain?

Have questions on sexual health? Write to us at and we will get experts to answer them for you.

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Talking about sex is the best thing you can do for yourself if you are a sexually active person. You must know all about having safe sex, healthier sex, regardless of who you’re having sex with.

This prompted us, at FIT, to launch a sexual health campaign #LetsTalkSex, where we invited readers to write to us and get all their sexual health queries answered by top experts.

The response has been overwhelming.

While we are still getting many queries answered, here are this week’s responses by Dr Rajinder Yadav, Director - Urology, Andrology and Kidney Transplant at Fortis Hospitals, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

Keep the questions coming in! Write to us with more questions on

Have  questions on sexual health? Write to us at and we will get experts to answer them for you.
I am a 33 year-old married man. The foreskin of my penis is whitish pink in colour. Although it’s a very small part but I am still worried. What may be the cause? Kindly help.

It is likely that you are having some kind of infection of foreskin of penis or there is problem of local hygiene. So it’s better that you consult a urologist for your problem as early as possible. You can begin with cleaning of the fore skin and glans area on daily basis. After consulting the doctor, you might need a few medications for your condition.

I’m a 36-year-old male. I had a habit of alcohol abuse for 10 years. I also used to masturbate almost every day for last 3/4 years and have lately noticed that my penis does not retain its natural strength and goes soft in few minutes, if left unattended. Since the last 1 month, I have reduced my alcohol intake and started regular workout (5 days a week). I also smoke only 1 or 2 cigarettes a day and chew tobacco a few times. I have regular normal morning erection and it usually lasts a few minutes. However during performance, I tend to go soft quickly and ejaculate in just few strokes. I’m determined to stay away from alcohol abuse and maintain my workout routine. But I’m worried about ED and early ejaculation. Please advise what kind of Viagra would suit me the best.
Have  questions on sexual health? Write to us at and we will get experts to answer them for you.

With age, it’s not unusual that the performance will decrease. It’s good that you are trying to stay away from alcohol and trying to maintain your workout routine. If you feel that you are suffering from ED or early ejaculation, you can consult a urologist or andrologist who can then prescribe you medications like sildenafil, tadalafil etc. after evaluating you. If you are able to benefit from these medications then you need not worry and discontinue these medications later but if you don’t get any benefit from these medicines, then you need further evaluation and treatment.

I am a 25 year-old male. I have a problem that whenever I masturbate or have an erection, the tip of my penis turns red and swells up. This causes discomfort & pain. I can’t even pull down my foreskin due to this issue. The swelling takes at least 3-4 mins to heal. Please help.
Have  questions on sexual health? Write to us at and we will get experts to answer them for you.

You need to consult a urologist for your problem as this needs to get corrected as early as possible, otherwise your problems will keep increasing with time.

What is the remedy for erectile dysfunction for 60-year old men who have diabetes and cardiac problems?  

There are medications which can help in patients with erectile dysfunction with diabetic and cardiac problems. One can consult a urologist and andrologist who after evaluating can prescribe medications. If the medications don’t help then surgery is available for such cases, which the urologist can best decide.

How painful is it to have sex when your foreskin is not cut yet? Is it harmful too? Does it have any side effects? And what can be done to cut the foreskin of penis?
Have  questions on sexual health? Write to us at and we will get experts to answer them for you.

There is no relation to pain with intact foreskin. But if your foreskin is diseased or other problems like it gets tightened or narrowed then it can lead to pain during sex. To get it cut or excised, you can consult a good surgeon or urologist if you a have problem during sex/masturbation.

Since a few days, I am feeling pain in my breasts especially in the nipple area. Why is it happening? I have been overweight, but for last four months I have been on a diet that helped me lose 5 kgs. My periods are also not regular. Why is this happening? 

You haven’t mentioned your age so these could be age related problems or may be it could be any hormone related disease. You should consult a gynaecologist and then a surgeon for your breast pain if advised/required. You may be advised some medications or other treatments accordingly.

The skin of my penis doesn’t pull down (can’t see the head of my penis). What should I do? I’ve tried to insert it into my girlfriend’s vagina but it hurts a lot. So, I have sex with condom only. Looks like the opening of my penis’s skin is small. What should I do?

It seems like you are suffering from phimosis, which is inability to retract foreskin, that may be a result of recurrent infection locally. You should consult a urologist and get it corrected at the earliest.

(Have more questions on sexual health? Write to us at and we will get experts to answer them for you.)

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