Tips to Deal With Your PCOD & Thyroid Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Tips to Deal With Your PCOD & Thyroid Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

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"I used to go to the gym regularly before the lockdown began. This was my effort to keep my mood-swings and hormonal imbalance in control caused by the thyroid in check. With the lockdown in practice, now I try to do some exercise at home but the intensity is not the same anymore. Sometimes I do sense my mood getting affected by all of this", 31-year-old Apta tells FIT.

Waking up with cold palms and feet, not enough motivation to get through the day, constant mood swings, sleeping too much or just not enough, feeling the fogginess taking over the mind, not being able to concentrate, diet getting affected and weight loss or gain - these are some of the worst symptoms of thyroid disorders that people dealing with it have to face on regular basis.

In a lockdown, with little physical contact with the outside world, all these get magnified that much more.

Exercise, Yoga: A Standard Solution to Keeping Thyroid and PCOD in Control

In Thyroid, a condition that is more prevalent in women than in men, the thyroid gland either produces insufficient hormones or too much, leading to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. These hormones regulate the body's metabolism, eventually leading to many serious issues including mental health-related.

Exercising, cardio, yoga and taking care of the diet are some of the most suggested ways to ensure that thyroid doesn't aggravate and affect every day functioning.

In this article, we will explore how people suffering from thyroid can utilize the self-isolation time to work on all these aspects and not slip into lows.

With COVID-19 outbreak and all the sad news around you, it is quite easy to want to give up on exercise and yoga regime if you lack motivation anyway but doctors suggest that both thyroid and PCOD can worsen if you don't take out time for these practices.

PCOD, another hormonal disorder faced by a large number of women, also known as Polycystic Ovary Disease is controlled by taking care of the calorie intact and practicing some kind of physical exercise. Obesity can further worsen PCOD or PCOS, say doctors. Apart from some lifestyle changes - low calorie intact, exercise, yoga, weight loss, etc - there is no definitive cure for PCOD or PCOS.

During this lockdown, it is necessary for women who would practice yoga and cardio earlier to control PCOD, to continue while self-isolating.


Things to Do at Home During Lockdown to Keep PCOD, Thyroid in Control

Geetam, an entreprenuer and designer based out of Jaipur, also PCOD affected says:

Deepa Dureja, a gynecologist from Delhi tells The Quint that this is the best time to ensure that you indulge in some exercise, yoga and diet management.

"You don't have to do an intense workout. You can do light physical activity and keep a track of your calorie intake. Uncooked food such as dry fruits can be helpful in dealing with PCOD", says Doctor Dureja.

Recognizing that these times are difficult, the doctor further confirms that if you don't involve in any sort of physical activity and keep track of your diet, PCOD & thyroid are likely to worsen.

Here are a few things you can do during this lockdown if you have PCOD and thyroid and you are unable to step out to go to gym or yoga classes:

  • It is most likely that you are cooking your own meals now, ensure that you reduce your sugar, salt and oil intake

  • Consume low-calorie food and eat protein and fiber

  • Consume uncooked food such as dry fruits, fruits, seeds, sprouts, etc

  • Do simple yoga postures such as butterfly pose, Corpse Pose and Bharadvaja’s Twist with the help of an authentic yoga guide online

  • Do not sit at one place for long hours and do stretching in every few hours

  • Indulge in some meditation in the morning or night to manage stress and anxiety

  • Simple activity such as mopping can also be a beneficial exercise

  • Do walk around your house or inside your house

  • Avoid eating after 7 pm

  • Regulate your sleep cycle. Do not sleep less or more. Maintain 7-8 hours of sleep every day

  • Do not build a smoking or drinking habit


Why Exercise & Yoga Shouldn't be Avoided?

Exercise and cardio help your body release endorphins which further help you deal with PCOD and thyroid. Thus, it shouldn't be avoided in these times when the external pressure, all the bad news, lonliness and lack of social interaction are already taking a toll on our mental health.

It also further helps you maintain your body weight - another crucial factor for those who face PCOD. It is believed that people with PCOD or PCOS are likely to gain weight if they don't practice exercises. The opposite of it is true too ie if you don't manage your weight, PCOD is likely to get worsen.

Yoga, on the other hand, relaxes the mind and reduces stress. Both thyroid and PCOD are hormonal disorders that affect the mood so you must actively make it a point to not miss your daily regime, in addition to eating healthy and being mindful of what you consume

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