Menstruation Diet: 7 Foods to Eat to Reduce Cramps

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Menstruation often come with other nasty side effects like diarrhea, mood changes, indigestion, irritability and painful cramps to only name a few.

According to the department of Health and Human Services, more than half the menturating people experience pain around this time of the month—a whopping 84 percent to be precise.

Though the percentage is this high, and the pain can be so debilitating that people can often struggle to complete their daily tasks when they're on their period.

Here are some foods you can include your diet to reduce your menstrual discomfort and pain.



According to PubMed Central, fishes like salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines can help reduce the period pain because of omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation. It is also said to help manage mood swings and irritability.

Moreover, according to the NCBI vitamin D can help reduce the overall symptoms during menstruation, and vitamin B6 can help reduce breast tenderness and irritability.


Fruits have been the source of vital nutrients and health benefits since ages. But did you know what these nutrients, especially fruits with high fiber can help manage period pain and cramps to a significant level (Healthline)

Bananas and oranges are a great source of potassium, the lack of which can lead to muscle cramps.

Bananas can also help manage symptoms like constipation, water retention and bloating (Times of India).


According to the US NIH, your iron levels take a dip when you're on your periods, and lentils which are a rich source of iron, protein and fiber can help manage the iron levels. Moreover, fiber can help reduce abdominal pain.


According to MedicalNewsToday, flaxseeds can be your saviour during your periods and can help reduce the pain and discomfort. Flaxseeds are known to reduce the intensity of the pain, and the fatty acids present in them help stabilise the production of progesterone.

Moreover, it helps boost fertility, improve your uterine function. Not to mention, it's versatile. You can enjoy it with your smoothie, salads, cereals or yogurt.

Dark Chocolate 

According to the US NIH, dark chocolate can help period cramps. But, it does not apply to the milk chocolates.

Magensium found in dark chocolate helps manage the uterine contractions and resulting cramps, they also reduce the production of prostaglandins which stimulate these contractions.

However,more studies are required to understand the extent of the link between dark chocolate and its cramp reducing effect.


The pungent, spicy root- ginger has been used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes.

According to PubMed Central, it can be used as a home remedy during periods thanks to its pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties which helps fight cramps and bloating.

Green Leafy Vegetabes 

According to Healthline, low levels of iron can worsen period cramps and cause various PMS symptoms as well.

Iron not only allows the blood cells to bring more oxygen to the muscles, helping them relax, but also increases the secretion of serotonin hormone which is responsible for improving your mood and Premestrual Syndrome.

Moreover, low levels of iron can result in anaemia as well.

Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach is a great source of iron.

(This article is for your general information only. Before trying out any remedy, FIT advises you to consult a qualified medical professional.)

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