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Sleep evading you? Is insomnia your best pal? No matter what you do, you end up with mindless scrolling and by the time you realize, you have wasted the precious hours of sleep time. The pattern repeats, till you realize its time you caught up on the sleep to function better. Getting a good amount of sleep is incredibly important for your health.

When you have a good night’s sleep, it helps your body and brain function properly. Research states a good night’s sleep is directly linked to improving your daily functioning that includes better learning, retention capability, better memory and a good decision-making process.

And if you are the creative sorts, it also helps boost your creativity.


Did you know that insufficient sleep can also lead to a higher risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity? Insomnia has been at its peak in these unprecedented times with more people experiencing poor sleep because of the pandemic. Blame it on the mental health, but that is a reality.

Instead of resorting to over-the-counter medicines that provide temporary relief, resort to these home remedies that will aid in good sleep. The best part is that all the ingredients you need are available in your kitchen!

Nutmeg and Milk

Probably, one my most favorite ones. Nutmeg is known to promote nerve relaxation and alleviate anxiety. Nutmeg is packed with medicinal properties that calm the nerves and release serotonin that helps to induce sleep.

Take a cup of slightly hot milk and add two pinches of grated nutmeg powder to it. Don’t opt for the store-bought nutmeg powder, instead grate a whole nutmeg to get the powder. Mix in the milk and drink.

Banana Tea

With the number of teas booming in the market, this tea is slightly different and is easy to make. Banana peels are known to be rich in potassium and magnesium, but you cannot imagine eating the peels, can you?

So, the best thing to do is indulge in banana tea. Drinking banana tea helps to relax those tired muscles and promotes relaxation that in turn helps you sleep well.


Banana Tea helps in relaxing muscles.

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To get the maximum benefits of the banana tea, cut the ends of the banana and place the banana with its peel in pot of boiling water. Add ½ inch of cinnamon stick to this. Reduce the flame and cover with a lid. Let it boil for at least 5 minutes till the banana peel is soft. Let this steep till the water is tepid. Drain and drink the banana water. Well, if you’re up to it, you can also eat the banana along with the skin!

Eat some Grapes

Did you know that grapes are a natural source of melatonin? Eating a small bowl of fresh grapes before you hit the sack can work wonders with reducing insomnia. The presence of melatonin in grapes was discovered in the early 2000’s.

Grapes are also packed with a potent blend of nutrients that include resveratrol and quercetin antioxidants that help to remove the harmful free radicals in your system. Combined with the goodness of melatonin, which is a natural sleep enhancer, it helps to promote a restful sleep.

Turmeric Milk

The good old turmeric is now known as the golden milk world-wide. And the truth is that we have been consuming it since generations for various health reason, be it boosting our immunity or keeping the seasonal flu at bay. But not many know that turmeric milk is also a great help for those who have restless sleep and have insomnia.


Turmeric is now known as the golden milk world wide.

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Take a cup of milk and boil. Add to this just a pinch of organic turmeric powder and a bit of jaggery if you want it sweet. You can omit the jaggery and have turmeric milk without it too. Drink it hot or warm, just before you sleep.

Peppermint Tea

No, I am not talking about the store-bought ones, but you can make a simple peppermint tea right at home. If you grow mint leaves at home, they’re your best bet!

Else you can pick up a bunch of mint leaves from your local vendor. You can also sun dry these leaves, crush them into a powder and store in an air-tight glass jar just in case you run out of supply of fresh mint leaves. Peppermint tea is caffeine free and helps to relax and soothe the mind at the end of a long day.

Peppermint tea helps in soothing the mind

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To make the peppermint tea, take a few sprigs of mint leaves, add ½ inch of cinnamon bark to it and place in boiling water. Boil for a few minutes and cover it to let the tea steep. Get it to room temperature, strain it and add a drizzle of honey and sip it while it is still warm.


Additional tips that aid in better sleep:

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes to relax.

  • Focus on your breathing to get your body to the normal rhythm.

  • Keep those gadgets away at least an hour before you head to bed.

  • Take a warm shower to relax the built-up tension accumulated through the day.

  • Use essential oils like lavender and ylang-ylang in a diffuser that help to soothe the frayed nerves and calm the mind.

While insomnia or sleeplessness is a difficult condition to deal with, it is not an incurable condition.

With these tried and tested remedies, you’ll no longer need to depend on medicines to calm you and promote a good sleep. These recipes are targeted for better health and sleep patterns, if the symptoms persist, it is best to consult your doctor for a proper medical diagnosis.

(Pratibha Pal spent her childhood in idyllic places only fauji kids would have heard of. She grew up reading a variety of books that let her imagination wander and still hopes to come across the Magic Faraway Tree.You can view her blog at or reach to her on Twitter at @myepica.)

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