Chrissy Teigen Got Botox Done For Sweaty Armpits. Should You Too?

Chrissy Teigen recently got Botox in her armpits to prevent excess sweating. But does it actually work? Fit answers

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"Botoxed my armpits. Truly best move I have ever made!"
- Chrissy Teigen to her 25 million followers on Instagram

Not one to manage her sweaty armpit situation with mere talcum powder, the 33-year-old social media sensation has, instead, taken to Botox.

Chrissy Teigen recently got Botox  in her armpits to prevent excess sweating. But does it actually work? Fit answers
Chrissy Teigen getting Botox done in her armpits to prevent excess sweating
(Photo: Instagram/ChrissyTeigen)

In a video posted on Instagram, Teigen raved how she can “wear silk again without soaking, woohoo!”

The botox injection was administered to Teigen by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. When asked by a fan if it pained, Chrissy tweeted that it "truly didn't hurt at all!” but that she also had gotten laser hair removal done so her “pain tolerance might be quite high."

Chrissy Teigen recently got Botox  in her armpits to prevent excess sweating. But does it actually work? Fit answers
Chrissy Teigen says she did not feel too much pain, as her “pain tolerance might be quite high.”
(Photo: Instagram/ChrissyTeigen)

But does Botox actually make sense for those suffering from excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, as it is medically known?

Fit spoke to dermatologist Dr. Simal Soin, also the Founder of Delhi-based AAYNA Clinic, to get some answers.

1. What causes hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the name given to a condition where there is excessive sweating which could be localized to certain areas or generalized when it involves the entire body.

Although sweating is a normal protective mechanism by which the body cools itself, too much of the same can be a cause of concern for many as it may disturb their social life and daily activities further leading to stress, anxiety and embarrassment too.

2. Do botox injections in your underarm help reduce this ?

Yes. Botox injections for underarms hyperhidrosis do help reduce the excessive sweating. This treatment is FDA approved, making it a popular choice of treatment performed by medical practitioners.

Botox acts by blocking the nerve that supplies the sweat gland of the treated area. The amount to be injected is divided into smaller units and spread over the affected area, usually using very small needles that make the treatment virtually painless.

3. How common is the procedure and how many sessions would one have to go through.

The popularity of the treatment is vast in the west, although despite the good results not many people in India are aware of its benefits or even of the fact that Botox is one of the most effective treatment options for this condition.

Usually a repeat session is required every twice or thrice a year (after 6-8 months, depending from person to person and dosage given).

4. Would these injections completely stop the sweating and would one have to go for for repeat injections in future?

Botox injections tend to reduce the problem of excessive sweating to a large extent. The normal amount of sweating required as a protective mechanism for the body is not hampered.

Yes, a repeat session would be required once the effect of the botox wears out, which is usually 6-8 months depending from person to person and also on the amount of botox injected.

5. Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects to this treatment if the correct dose and technique is utilized.

Can’t Go For Botox? Don’t Sweat!

But for those who might not be sure about Botox, there are other ways of preventing excessive sweating, which we will be sharing with you now. Don’t sweat!

  • Antiperspirants/Talc – Usually antiperspirants containing low dose of aluminium can be used. A lot of over-the-counter antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride and/or aluminium hexachloride is available in the market.
  • Clothing – Loose and breathable fabrics such as cotton should be encouraged. Socks should be changed frequently and should be preferably of moisture-absorbing material.
  • Lifestyle corrections in order to reduce stress, anxiety and emotional causes.

If like Christie, you too suffer from excessive sweating, would you go for Botox? Send us your comments!

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