Can You Prevent Skin Cancer? Here Are 7 Tips That Can Help

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According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects people.

Skin cancer is caused due to abnormal growth of the cancer cells in the epidermis of the skin that leads to a tumor.

It is highly preventable and curable if diagnosed early.

The most common reason is the damage caused due to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Melanoma is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer. But all this can be prevented if we follow the following 7 tips to reduce the risk of skin cancer as suggested by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Avoid the Sunlight 

The Ultraviolet rays of the sun damages the cells and blood vessels underneath the skin.

The most common damage caused by the sun is the sunburn which makes it look bruised but overexposure could lead to skin cancer.


It is said that one must avoid the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM because the sun is the harshest at this time.

Use Enough Sunscreen

We all are well aware of the fact that how important sunscreen is and now we know that is helps prevent skin cancer as it protects the epidermis from the UV rays.

It's best to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

People who were diagnosed with skin cancer earlier can use a higher number.

It is also not enough to just apply it once as it can wear off. One must make sure to reapply it every 2 hours if you are out for long.

Cover Up

Only sunscreen is not enough to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Extra protection never hurts.

You can use wide rimmed shades to cover the eys and forehead, scarves and wear full length but comfortable clothes to protect the exposed areas. One can also use umbrellas and stay in shade as much as possible.

Don't Use Tanning Beds

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, tanning beds or tanning lamps that are used by people for the tan look are extremely harmful and increase the risk of cancers like melanoma by 20 percent.

These equipments have warning signs that clearly state the risks. So read all the cautionary information before you choose to use them.

Consume Foods that Prevent Skin Cancer

Dermatologists recommend supplements or foods rich in vitamin A, E, antioxidants and omega-3 to slower the damage caused to the skin and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Fruits like papaya, tomatoes, guavas, watermelons and oranges have also proved to contain these nutrients.

Use Chemopreventive Drugs

According to the National Cancer Institute, there a few chemopreventive drugs that contain vitamins and components like beta carotene, selenium, isotretenoin that reduce the risk of skin cancer.

They are available in the form of pills and tablets but should not be used without consulting a doctor.

It is to be noted that these should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Get Your Skin Examined

Regular examining of skin can prevent the onset of the cancer or early diagnosis can help treat it at an early stage.

One can contact their nearby dermatologist and fix appointments for skin screenings.

This helps doctors monitor the symptoms and damage that is not self examinable.

The doctors can remove the moles before they become cancerous or spread to other parts of the body.

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