The Endgame of All Basic Workouts: Fitness Tips from Avengers

From superpowers on the screen to superhuman strength in the gym, the Avengers stars give us major fitness goals. 

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The Avengers stars have bedazzled us on the screen with their superhuman powers so much so that mega fans of the Marvel Comic Universe worship the very ground they walk on. But what really goes on behind the scenes?

The kind of agility, strength and durability that the Avengers show on screen is the result of long hours in the gym, vigorous workouts and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, quite literally. The Insta famous Thor, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Captain America give us major fitness goals. No spoilers here! We promise.


Chris Hemsworth

Thor wouldn’t be able to pick up his hammer had it not been for his superhuman strength. Hemsworth trains like a maniac to look the way he does on the big screen. The star’s workout regime is extremely rigorous and involves intense weight training and circuit based cardio.

Hemsworth is big on weight training and does various exercises to work all of his muscles. Some of these exercises include weighted squats, weighted burpees, bicep curls and skull crushers, among other things.

According to this article, the actor trains six days a week for almost an hour each day. To play a character like Thor, Chris requires muscle strength and agility. A part of his workout routine is majorly inspired by Crossfit.

A lot of Hemsworth’s workout is also centered around his Hammer “Mjolnir” or “The Grinder”. Workout with the hammer is extremely extensive and focuses mainly on the upper body. Exercises with “The Grinder” include sideways chop, overhead strike squat and the double-handed shovel, to name a few. The actor also makes kick-boxing an active part of his routine to maintain the thunder god physique.

As far as diet is concerned, Chris Hemsworth eats almost six times a day! When he is trying to bulk up, his diet is largely protein, both animal and plant.

Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow’s schedule consisted of intense training and was treated no less than an athlete’s. Johansson followed a strict diet and workout regime.

According to an article by Bazaar, the actor included a combination of Yoga, Olympic weight lifting, kettlebells, gymnastics and plyometric movements in her fitness routine.

For her diet, Johansson focuses on carb cycling. She maintains a high carbohydrate and low fat intake diet and vice versa while maintaining a protein diet.


Brie Larson

The Captain Marvel star is indeed a superhuman if her instagram video of pushing a 5,000 pound jeep is anything to go by. Brie Larson’s ridiculously toned arms and athletic body can only be attributed to her extensive full body workout.

According to an article by Well and Good, Larson has been anything but basic when it comes to her workout routines. Ranging from rock-climbing to weighted lunges, Brie likes to keep things interesting even in the gym.

Weighted push-ups are an excellent way of working your core. For the kind of role that Larson plays, agility, durability and strength are extremely important. Heavy hip thrusts, weighted ball throws and push-ups are an excellent way to work your core.

Brie Larson also focuses on building muscle strength and making sure that her legs are getting the movement they need. Weighted lunges are an excellent way of working on both your arms and legs simultaneously.

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Another way of keeping things fun while working out is rock-climbing. Rock-climbing not only helps you maintain upper body strength, but is also a way to keep your mind sharp and quick. In an instagram post Larson can be seen showing off her inner Spiderman.


Chris Evans

The secret behind Captain America’s ripped physique is not only the “super soldier serum”, but also extensive amounts of muscle building by Chris Evans. For the naturally lean Evans, bulking up was a task. But there’s nothing that our very own Captain America can’t handle.

According to an article, while preparing for Winter Soldier, Evans placed special emphasis on muscle training and used to take up two muscle groups a day and work exhaustively on them. His cooling down regime was mainly working on his core. Squats, deadlifts and chin-ups were a common part of Evans’ routine.

In terms of diet, Evans had to step his game up and bulk up on proteins and carbohydrates, going to the extent of having several meals per day.

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