An insight into NOTA in four cards. 
An insight into NOTA in four cards. (Photo: The Quint)
  • 1. A Brief Definition and History of NOTA
  • 2. How Does It Work? Does it Make a Difference?
  • 3. Analysing NOTA Voting Patterns Since 2013
  • 4. Some 'NOTA-Worthy' Instances
Dissecting NOTA for Lok Sabha Polls: A Tool For the Disenchanted

The much-anticipated electoral battle of 2019 has begun, with the Election Commission on Sunday, 10 March, announcing the Lok Sabha poll schedule.

As the campaign pitch of political parties gets shriller by the day, some of us – perhaps disenchanted by the prevailing political scenario – might be mulling pressing that button right at the bottom of the electronic voting machine (EVM). Introduced only recently, this button gives the voter the right to express his/her negative opinion by choosing NOTA or ‘None of the Above’.

So before you head off to the polling booth, perhaps with an ‘anti all-candidate’ mindset, here’s a lowdown on the NOTA provision in India’s electoral system.


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