Who will Delhi elect as its CM in 2020?
Who will Delhi elect as its CM in 2020?(Photo: Erum Gour/The Quint)
  • 1. Who Are the Players?
  • 2. Authorising the Unauthorised : 40 Lakh Residents Await...
  • 3. Kejriwal's Paradigm Shift
  • 4. Enter Shah on Shaheen Bagh
  • 5. The Seat Break-Up
Delhi Elections 2020: Will AAP’s Kejriwal Complete A Hat-Trick?

Come February, 1.43 crore voters in Delhi will decide who their next chief minister will be. According to the Election Commission, polls to all 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly will be held on 8 February, followed by counting of votes on 11 February.

But despite its small size and a government with limited powers, why is Delhi such a prestige battle for political parties? Before we get to that, let’s understand whose prestige is at stake.


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