Sooraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan.
Sooraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan.(Photo: The Quint
  • 1. Who Was Jiah Khan?
  • 2. Who Is Sooraj Pancholi?
  • 3. What Has Happened in the Investigation & Trial So Far?
  • 4. What Does Jiah Khan’s 'Final Letter' Allege?
  • 5. What Charges Have the CBI Put on Sooraj Pancholi?
  • 6. What Transpired During Jiah Khan's Last Hours?
  • 7. Did Jiah Khan Have an Abortion?
  • 8. What is Jiah Khan’s Family Claiming?
  • 9. What is Sooraj Pancholi's Family Claiming?
Bollywood Actor Jiah Khan’s Death: A Suicide or a Murder?

Nearly five years after 25-year-old British Bollywood actor Jiah Khan was found hanging from her ceiling fan in her Juhu apartment in Mumbai, a Special Women’s Court will finally start the trial on 21 March 2018, to determine whether she ended her life due to the “wilful conduct” of her former boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi.

The charge against him is abetment of suicide (Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code), while Jiah’s mother is determined to add rape, murder and illegal termination of pregnancy to the list. The case history is long and fraught with petitions, rejections of those petitions, contradictory forensic reports, missing messages, clothes and in general, a media frenzy. What has really transpired until this point? We put it all together in one place for you.


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