World Music Day: Can Kalki’s Slam Poetry Rise Above the ‘Noise’?
Kalki Koechlin in a still from<i> Noise</i>.
Kalki Koechlin in a still from Noise.(Photo courtesy: Youtube/ KalkiUnblushed)

World Music Day: Can Kalki’s Slam Poetry Rise Above the ‘Noise’?

It’s World Music Day and even as everyone is busy celebrating music in different forms, actor Kalki Koechlin would rather make some “noise”. As part of her second innings with Culture Machine’s Blush, Kalki, the slam poetess, has just penned and released some rap poerty, titled Noise.

Drawing attention to the piercing interminable noises of the city - from azaans and chantings to fish markets to traffic - that blend into the tremendous noise of connectivity and its accompanying isolation at a very personal level, Noise is as important as it’s relevant. Kalki deftly points out how we all but drown our own individual voices in the surrounding cacophony that’s become our life.

Watch the video here:

Religious, political, and social noise has reached a peak today and it’s hard to hear ourselves think or feel. We wanted to explore life brimming over with ‘Noise’ as an ode to silence.
Kalki Koechlin, Actor-poet

This is Kalki’s second collaboration with Blush after Printing Machine.

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