Bigg Boss Day 92: Mona Gets A Ring, Bani & Lopa Drama Continues

Mona’s Bigg Boss love story blooms, Bani and Lopa continue their drama even in the race to the finale. 

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Vikrant proposes to Mona and she says yes! (Photo courtesy: Colors TV)

With the season finale of the show fast approaching, the game seems to be getting intense and more challenging with each passing day. As the housemates try to anticipate what’s in store for them, little do they know that they’re headed towards a real proposal. Yup, Vikrant popped the question and Mona said yes. The poor girl has seen some dark days in the house. But finally here’s a glint of hope. Vikrant stepped inside the Bigg Boss house with a sparkling wedding ring in his hand.

It seems Bigg Boss had to bring in a wedding scenario because the show was getting damn boring if you ask me. But who doesn’t like a happy ending?

Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces the nomination task for the week, with yet another twist. Dressed up as a postman, every contestant is assigned a parcel of one of their fellow contestant which they have to either deliver or destroy in a foyer. If they fail to destroy and instead deliver it successfully, they will be nominated for the week while the contestant owning the parcel will be safe from nomination and vice versa. The parcel entails gifts and letters sent by their family or loved ones. Since Manveer has already qualified into the finale week, and Rohan remains nominated for the entire season, they are made the sanchalaks of the task.

As the housemates slip into their costumes and get ready for the task, they begin to strategise and find the best solution to the problem at hand. Mona feels distressed and starts crying as she is caught in a dilemma whether to deliver or destroy Manu’s gift.

After the first buzzer rings, Mona volunteers to go first and delivers Manu’s parcel. Manu gets furious because he feels that Mona is being an emotional fool. She gets miffed by Manu’s comments and breaks down again while Manveer and the other housemates try to console her.

Up next, the housemates come up with a plan that they would deliver everyone’s parcels so that they all get nominated uniformly. When Lopa asks for Bani’s opinion, she takes it in a wrong way and snaps at Lopa. Bani says that she will have no remorse if someone destroys her parcel in order to save themselves as she would also do the same at this crucial stage of the game. The game is about to reach an end but it seems Lopa and Bani will never stop this drama.

As the second buzzer rings, Bani decides to destroy Lopa’s gift. Lopa feels bad initially, but she collects herself and strikes back. Once Lopa finds out that her letter hasn’t been destroyed completely, Lopa tries reading what is left of it. She even commits a foul but Bigg Boss catches her putting her hand in the foyer.

Bigg Boss then calls sanchalaks Manveer and Rohan in the confession room and gives them a piece of his mind for being extremely irresponsible, and for not stopping Lopa from reading the letter. He asks them to keep a close watch on everyone, otherwise they’ll have to bear the repercussions.

Manveer and Rohan warn Lopa and other housemates to not repeat their mistakes, and complete the nomination process with utmost honesty. Mona, Rohan and Lopa better watch out.

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