Before ‘Mukkabaaz’, Here’s Cheering for Vineet Singh, the Actor
Vineet Singh in a still from <i>Mukkabaaz</i>.&nbsp;
Vineet Singh in a still from Mukkabaaz(Photo courtesy: Eros Now)

Before ‘Mukkabaaz’, Here’s Cheering for Vineet Singh, the Actor

Actors have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to get into character. While most are just that - tricks - some involve immense hard work. You have been reading about how a few of our leading actors use artificial methods (read special effects/ supplements/ steroids) to show off those abs. But actor Vineet Singh decided to take the hard way out for his debut role in Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz.

The actor trained for two years - and this is hardcore, literally rib-breaking training we are talking about - when Kashyap told Vineet he would cast him as the protagonist in Mukkabaaz only if he actually became a boxer.

Kashyap took to social media to share a video on Vineet’s transformation over the two years.

The video shows a frail Vineet selling everything he possessed to join a boxing academy in Patiala. He literally trained day in and day out to undergo a complete transformation. Like one of the coaches says in the video, in six months Vineet could throw punches like a professional with six years’ experience in the ring.

Check out the video here:

A truly inspiring feat!

Mukkabaaz releases on 12 January.

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