Sunil Grover in Coffee With D. (Photo courtesy: YouTube)
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Sunil Grover’s ‘Coffee With D’ In CBFC Trouble for ‘Rahul Baba’

The Sunil Grover-starrer Dawood satire Coffee With D, which is scheduled to release this Friday, is in a bit of a jam with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The Board viewed the film for certification on Wednesday afternoon and objected to several names and dialogues in the film, including references to a certain ‘Rahul Baba’ in two places. All other political references have also been asked to be removed.

Says a source close to the development. “The CBFC is very clear in its stand on political references in films. No derisive comments are allowed against any politician or political party.It doesn’t matter whether the digs are at the ruling party or the opposition. They simply don’t allow it.”

Sunil Grover in Coffee With D. (Photo courtesy: YouTube)
Sunil Grover in Coffee With D. (Photo courtesy: YouTube)

Besides Rahul , the makers of Coffee With D have been asked  to remove a reference to ‘Rashtriya  Janta Party’ and a dialogue that goes, ‘Delhi mein rape ko official sport declare kar rakha hai’. In  addition there are references to ‘Bombay’ , ‘Ganesh Visarjan’, ‘Shiv Kashi’ which have been asked to be changed or removed. When these changes are made the film can walk away with an ‘A’ certificate making the film suitable only for adults.

Additionally the CBFC has demanded an undertaking of responsibility from the film’s makers regarding brand names, names of public figures and film titles that occur in the dialogues. Anti-smoking disclaimers wherever characters are seen smoking and a disclaimer in the beginning to the effect that the film does not intend to hurt any community or religion  have also been asked to be added.

With this avalanche of demands by the CBFC, it seems unlikely that the film can be released on schedule this Friday.