Kunder Slaps Rs 5 Crore Lawsuit on Aneel Neupane Over ‘Kriti’ Row
The poster of the short film <i>Kriti. </i>(Photo Courtesy: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5GGKuK3iEI">YouTube/Muvizz.com</a>)
The poster of the short film Kriti. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube/Muvizz.com)

Kunder Slaps Rs 5 Crore Lawsuit on Aneel Neupane Over ‘Kriti’ Row

Shirish Kunder has been an angry man ever since allegations were made against him by Nepali filmmaker Aneel Neupane that the former’s short film Kriti was heavily inspired by his Bob. Shirish had denied it of course. And amidst the allegations and counter-allegations, both the films were taken off YouTube.

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Kunder took to Twitter to announce the news of Kriti being back on YouTube and now he has slapped a Rs 5 crore lawsuit for damages against Neupane.

According to a report in DNA, Piiyush Singh who is co-founder of Muvizz.com, stated that the reason for slapping the lawsuit was to avoid allegations like these in the future when Muvizz.com is trying to bring creative and good cinema to audiences.

Muvizz.com as platform believes in creativity and understands the struggles that platform like ours face in bringing good cinema to people. One of the major reason for seeking 5 crores in a lawsuit against Mr. Aneel Neupane was to let people with ulterior motives know that there is rule of law, and platforms like us and people associated with good cinema are not going to let someone take away the credit for their hard work. Be on the side of truth and it shall always prevail. Being our home production, Kriti is very close to our hearts and we are proud that it is restored by YouTube. The viewer’s support and love have given us the strength to make it even bigger.
Mr. Piiyush Singh

The makers of the film now also plan to make the short film into a feature film or a web-series in the future.

Kriti was never treated as a short film. Since the inception of the idea, we have always thought of it as a full-fledged feature film and put a lot of efforts in it. Today after nearly 3 million people watching it and film getting global audience from places like Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Israel, and many more countries, Muvizz.com and I have decided to double out efforts and showcase more of Kriti to our audience through the format of a web series or a feature film.
Shirish Kunder, director of Kriti.

Source: DNA

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