‘Kerala Said Not Today’: Memes Show Off South Resisting Modi Wave
One meme compared Kerala to Asterix’s village in Gaul. 
One meme compared Kerala to Asterix’s village in Gaul. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

‘Kerala Said Not Today’: Memes Show Off South Resisting Modi Wave

While the entire nation rued or celebrated the saffron surge in the Lok Sabha elections, two southern states – Kerala and Tamil Nadu – took pride in the fact that they remain untouched by the Modi wave. BJP did not get a single seat in both states.

Proud Twitter users from Kerala and Tamil Nadu posted memes and jokes about their states resisting the BJP rule while the entire country was unconditionally swept by it.

#TNRejectsModi also began trending on Twitter.

One meme drew analogy to Asterix comics. It compared Kerala to the Asterix’s village in Gaul that did not surrender to Julius Caesar, though every other village around it came under his rule. Even though Caesar tries various schemes to conquer the village, including creating rifts among the villagers, they resist him and his rule.


Here, Kerala is Asterix’s village, Caesar is Modi and the ‘Saffron Conquest’. We want to know who is Asterix?

What’s a strong meme game without Game Of Thrones memes? Well, Keralites did not disappoint. Remember Sansa Stark demanding North to be a separate kingdom in the series finale. Well, Kerala feels you Sansa, only difference being Keralites wanting South to be an independent kingdom.

Can Kerala be a different country please? asked other tweets.

Kerala in another meme also becomes The Night King. Drogon breathes the Modi wave on it, but Kerala comes out unharmed, with a smirk, just like The Night King did in ‘The Battle Of Winterfell’. Keralites are die-hard fans of the White Walkers, from what is evident on social media.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu also congratulated each other’s ‘valour’ with memes.

Another meme said Kerala and Tamil Nadu came together this election to defeat the BJP, just like Tamil superstar Rajinikanth and Malayalam superstar Mammooty’s camaraderie in the movie Thalapathy in the 80s.

‘Big Zero To BJP’

The hashtag TNRejectsBJP congratulated the southern states for giving a ‘big zero to BJP’.

The hashtag gave rise to more memes.

A tweet from Bengal showed solidarity. The Twitter user said she is in search of a non-bhakt Mallu boy who lives in Kerala along with the rest of the resistance.

Stay Vigilant

Columnist Sanjukta Basu advised the states to maintain vigilance. “Look out for RSS activities, might already be filling people's heart with hate. It is the most toxic potion, nobody can resist it for too long so u have to stop the spreading at early stage ,” she tweeted.

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