BJP Unveils Manifesto with ‘Nationalist Vision’, Seeks Second Term
BJP Unveils Manifesto with ‘Nationalist Vision’, Seeks Second Term
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BJP Unveils Manifesto with ‘Nationalist Vision’, Seeks Second Term

The BJP released its manifesto for the Lok Sabha polls on Monday, 8 April, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that the focus of their ‘sankalp patra’ is on “one vision, one direction”. Soon after the release, Congress called BJP’s manifesto a “book of gimmicks.”

Union Minister Rajnath Singh, enlisting the highlights of the BJP manifesto, said that the Uniform Civil Code and Citizenship Amendment Bill will be passed in the next five years. He further added that the government will “try to build Ram Mandir soon.”

“The BJP manifesto lists 75 promises for 2022, to mark 75 years of India’s independence,” said Amit Shah, releasing the manifesto.


  • The BJP has described its manifesto as ‘sankalp patra’
  • On Sunday, Arun Jaitley announced the party’s tag line for the elections – “Phir ek bar, Modi sarkar”
  • The Congress released its ‘crowd-sourced’ manifesto earlier on 2 April
  • Lok Sabha elections is scheduled to begin on 11 April, and the EC has imposed a ban on releasing manifestos 48 hours prior to it

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Congress Promises Jobs, Omission of Sedition Law in Manifesto

Congress President Rahul Gandhi released his party’s “crowd-sourced” manifesto in the presence of Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other senior Congress leaders on Tuesday, 2 April.

Addressing the party workers and media, Gandhi said that the process of preparing the manifesto began a year ago, and that he did not want a “single lie” in it. He also emphasised on highlighting the “wishes” of the people in the party manifesto.

With the Congress manifesto emphasising on welfare measures, including the promise of a sum of Rs 72,000 to the poorest 20 percent households in India, the ruling party is likely to make a slew of promises to woo different sections of the society, especially farmers, youth and women.

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BJP Manifesto Live: ‘Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkaar’: BJP Launches Campaign Themes

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Sunday, 7 April, launched the party's campaign theme for the Lok Sabha polls and asserted that the choice for people in the elections will be between the "cohesive and tested" government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and "chaos and mahamilawat" offered by the Opposition.

Taking a swipe at the Opposition, he said people have to decide between a government led by one captain or a team of 11 players, and that of 40 captains.

His party’s campaign with the tag line of “Phir ek bar, Modi sarkar” (Modi government, once more) will centre on the Modi’s five-year performance, including national security, “honesty”, and his ability to take big decisions among other issues, Jaitley told reporters.

BJP Manifesto Live: Amit Shah to Meet Advani, Joshi Ahead of Manifesto Launch

BJP President Amit Shah to meet upset BJP veterans LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi – who were dropped from the list of candidates – ahead of manifesto launch at 11 am, reported NDTV.

BJP Manifesto Live: 'Remember Vikas,' Congress Asks BJP Ahead of Manifesto Release

In a series of tweets, Congress party questioned whether the BJP remembered the promises it made ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

PM Modi Arrives at BJP HQ

PM Narendra Modi arrives at BJP Headquarters, ahead of the party’s manifesto release. He was received by party president Amit Shah.

(Photo: ANI)

BJP Must Release 'Maafi Patr' Not 'Sankalp Patr': Congress

Congress leader Jaideep Shergil said that the BJP must release a ‘maafi patr’ and not a ‘sankalp patr.’

“Instead of launching a ‘Sankalp Patr’ (manifesto), BJP should launch a ‘maafi patr’ for injecting a lethal injection of unemployment, farmers suicide, closing of businesses and putting youth towards Pakoda employment.”
Jaideep Shergil, Congress leader

BJP Releases Manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

The BJP released its manifesto for the Lok Sabha polls on Monday, 8 April, with a focus on issues of development and national security.

'Last Five Years Will Be Remembered for Development': Amit Shah

Addressing the gathering, during the release of the BJP’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections, BJP President Amit Shah added that India reached “greater heights” under the prime minister.

“The BJP manifesto to make 75 promises for 2022 to mark 75 years of India’s independence,” said Amit Shah.

Shah added that the BJP government has set an example of how a government should function.

“In 2014, we got historic support from the people of this country. Under PM Modi’s leadership, the nation witnessed renewed development that benefitted the poorest of the poor.”
Amit Shah, BJP President
“India’s development from 2014 to 2019 will be written in golden words in history,” said Shah.

He listed the achievements of the Modi government – from electricity, LPG connections and toilets, to “surgical strikes” and improving the economy and claimed that India’s “glory declined from 2004 to 2014.”

'Objective of Manifesto to Build New India,' Says Rajnath Singh

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the last five years were an example of “good governance” and that the vision for the next five years is to build ‘New India.’

He added that the manifesto was built on the basis of ‘mann ki baat’ of the people of India.

“With all our promises, made in this manifesto, we are taking a step towards building a New India.”
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister

Uniform Civil Code, Citizenship Amendment Bill & Ram Mandir in BJP's Manifesto

Union Minister Rajnath Singh, enlisting the highlights of the BJP manifesto, said that the Uniform Civil Code and Citizenship Amendment Bill will be passed in the next five years.

He also reiterated that there will be zero tolerance towards terrorism.

“We had a zero tolerance policy towards terrorism, it will continue till terror is eliminated completely.”
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister
“We will try to make Ram Mandir soon. We are committed towards this. We will find out all possible angles and try to build it in a time frame.”
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister

BJP Promises Rs 6,000 Yearly Income Support to All Farmers

Rajnath Singh said that the BJP will give Rs 6,000 yearly income support to all farmers, under Kisan Samman Nidhi.

“We will also give pension facility to small and marginal farmers after 60 years of age.”
Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister

Will Abolish Article 35A: Rajnath Singh

The BJP manifesto also promised the abrogation of Article 370 and removal of the “discriminatory” Article 35A provision in Jammu and Kashmir.

“We are committed to annulling Article 35A of the Constitution of India as the provision is discriminatory against non-permanent residents and women of Jammu and Kashmir,” said Union Minister Rajnath Singh.

Not Prepared With Tukde Tukde Mindset: Arun jaitley

Union Minister Arun Jaitley, addressing the gathering, called the BJP manifesto a “vision document,” which was formulated on the basis of nationalism.

“This manifesto is not prepared with tukde tukde mindset or an Ivy league mindset. It is rooted to Indian realities. It is done on the basis of nationalism.”
Arun Jaitley, Union Minister

'Previous Govts Gave Only Slogan,' Says Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that while previous governments gave only slogans, the BJP government has given a “road-map for a continuing government.”

“Our inflation has been the lowest compared to other predecessor governments, consolidating India’s position as a rising economic power. There will be Rs 100 lakh crore investment in infrastructure in the next five years.”
Arun Jaitley, Union Minister
“A new security doctrine makes India one of the most powerful nations in the world where our deterrent is the best defence,” said Jaitley, stressing upon national security.

'Others Released Ghoshna Patra, Ours is Sankalp Patra': Sushma Swaraj

Union Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj said that while others have presented ‘ghoshna patra’ (a declaration), but the BJP has presented a ‘sankalp patra’.

She said that the manifesto is not just a list of announcements but a pledge made by the party to the people.

Sushma Swaraj Highlights Positive Interaction With Islamic Nations

Highlighting the diplomatic overtures, awards for PM Modi and invitation to the OIC to make a point about the BJP government’s “positive interaction” with the Islamic nations, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said:

“In the last five years PM Narendra Modi has been awarded with five top international awards, including awards from Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea.”
Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister

She added that while Narendra Modi recognised the pulse of the nation, Rahul Gandhi did not.

'One Vision, One Direction': PM Narendra Modi on BJP's Manifesto

Thanking the Manifesto Committee headed by Rajnath Singh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that BJP’s ‘sankalp patra’ is “time-bound and well-defined.” He also said that the theme of the manifesto is “one vision, one direction.”

“I am grateful to the nation for providing me support in the past five years. It is because of the people of the country that we have been able to fulfill our promises. We want the people to hold us accountable and hence we have set out to achieve 75 goals by 2022.”
PM Narendra Modi
“We mapped the country and found 150 districts where special focus was needed. This was to bring a balance between eastern and western regions.”
PM Narendra Modi

BJP Will Make Jal Shakti Ministry, Says PM Modi

The BJP government will constitute a Jal Shakti Ministry, said PM Narendra Modi.

Water scarcity is a crisis we are facing, said Modi, adding that it is a “deeper problem” in some states.

Will Lay the Foundation of 2047 in 2019: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India must become a developed nation by 2047 – a year that also marks 100 years of Independence.

“By 2047, India will be a developed country. But to achieve this foundation, India needs to be led between 2019 to 2024,” Modi said.

No One Will Believe Gimmicks in BJP Manifesto: Congress

Minutes after BJP released their manifesto, the Congress party called it ‘jumla’ and said it was "a book of gimmicks".

“Enough is enough. The people of India have recognised you and your lies very well. Like our manifesto said - ‘Ab hoga nyay’,” said senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel.

“The difference between BJP manifesto and Congress manifesto can be seen firstly from the cover page. Ours has a crowd of people, and BJP manifesto has the face of just one man. Instead of a manifesto BJP should have come out with a maafinama.”
Ahmed Patel, Congress leader

Will End J&K's Accession If Article 35A is Scrapped: Farooq Abdullah

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said that if Article 35A is scrapped, then he will “end” the state’s accession.

Cong Manifesto Couldn't Rise Above Appeasement & Dynasty Politics: Piyush Goyal

Reacting on the Congress’ ‘maafinama’ remark, Union Minister Piyush Goyal said, “Their manifesto doesn't mention as to how to take country towards good governance, how to fight terrorism. It hasn't been able to rise above appeasement and dynasty politics.”

Coming 5 Years Will be to Address People's Aspirations: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath said, “It is for the first time that a government has promised a house by 2022, to every poor family. BJP has reiterated its commitment on the Ram temple issue, on Kashmir and Uniform Civil Code. Coming 5 years will be to address aspirations of people.”

BJP Manifesto Full of Hollow Promises: Sheila Dikshit

Delhi Congress president Sheila Dikshit on Monday, 7 April, said the BJP's manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls was "full of hollow promises", adding that it was no match to her party's manifesto.

"The BJP manifesto is full of hollow promises and false claims. It cannot come anywhere near the Congress manifesto 'Ham Nibhayenge'," Dikshit said in a statement.

The people of the country had fully understood Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "falsehood", the former Delhi chief minister said, adding that the voters had lost all faith in him and his "hollow promises".

"The BJP manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha election does not have a single meaningful, doable promise, as it is full of jumlebaazi (rhetoric)," Dikshit charged.

Modi, Trump Campaigns Similar, Rely on Playing With People's Emotions: Pitroda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump’s campaign strategies are similar as both rely on “playing” with people’s emotions, Indian Overseas Congress chief Sam Pitroda.

Speaking on ‘political campaigns in the digital era’, Pitroda, a long-time Gandhi family adviser, said digital era is about sound bytes, gimmicks, and videos as opposed to the in depth analysis by journalists earlier.

He said the real use of digital technology in campaigns started visibly during the Obama-era.

Cong, BJP Copied Schemes of TRS Govt, Claims Telangana CM

The Congress and the BJP “copied” the schemes being implemented by his government in Telangana, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao claimed on Monday.

“Day before yesterday Congress and today BJP announced election manifesto. I am feeling very proud. Both have copied many schemes that the Telangana government has introduced. Both have incorporated in their manifestos,” he said during an election meeting at Vikarabad.

Rao claimed the two parties copied ‘Rythu Bandhu (investment support scheme for farmers) being implemented by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government.

Realisation was dawning on the two parties and the Congress talked about transfer of powers to States, he said.

Aspirations of Delhiites Will Be Fulfilled: Manoj Tiwari

The aspirations of the people in the national capital will be fulfilled and traders of the city will be benefitted by the BJP poll manifesto which was released Monday, the party's Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari said.

Eyeing another stint in power, the BJP on Monday made a string of promises, including expeditious construction of a Ram temple, a firm hand in dealing with terrorism and doubling farmers income in the next three years and making India the third-largest economy globally by 2030.

BJP Manifesto a List of New 'Jumlas': CPI

The CPI said the BJP manifesto was a list of new ‘jumlas’ to conceal the betrayal and the broken promises made to the people in the last five years.

CPI national secretary D Raja said the BJP’s manifesto confirms the saffron party is nothing but a political tool of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh whose ideology is "divisive, sectarian, communal and fascist."

"The BJP manifesto is a list of new jumlas (gimmicks) to conceal the betrayal and broken promises of last five years. The BJP has become the Bharatiya Jumla Party," he said.

The Left leader demanded to know what happened to the BJP's alleged promises of Rs 15 lakh in every citizens bank account, "achche din" and 2 crore jobs. .

On the Ram Temple and Sabarimala issue, Raja said the matters were pending in court and still the BJP was making tall promises.

Kejriwal Terms BJP Manifesto as Fresh Set of 'Jumlas'

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal termed the BJP's manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls as a "fresh set of jumlas" and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah did not have the courage to say why demonetisation was done and farmers were pushed towards destruction.

Reminding the prime minister of his party's 2014 promise of granting full statehood to Delhi, Kejriwal said the BJP's 2019 manifesto did not have any mention of it, which meant that Modi was lying and, in turn, making it even more difficult for people to believe him.

Minority Community in Goa Will Vote for BJP: Sawant Panaji

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant expressed confidence that members from the minority community in the coastal state will vote for the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Sawant said the minority community voters were aware of how Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the nation ahead in the last five years through his “inclusive policies”.

"The minority community voters are educated, they read national newspapers, watch television and are aware about development undertaken by the Modi government. They are with the BJP," the chief minister said.

If Terrorism Is Not a Poll Issue, Then Rahul Should Give up SPG Security: Sushma

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said if Congress President Rahul Gandhi believes terrorism in not a poll issue then he should give up his Special Protection Group cover.

Addressing a BJP workers meet organised by the party's social media wing, Swaraj said, “Opposition parties cannot feel the pulse of the nation like Prime Minister Narendra Modi can, which is why he managed to give Pakistan a befitting reply after the Uri and Pulwama terror attacks.”

The union minister alleged the Congress does not consider terrorism to be a problem, "which was reflected in the party's election manifesto".

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