Will Vote for Whoever Provides Facilities: Students of Baramati

Will Vote for Whoever Provides Facilities: Students of Baramati


Video Editor: Vishal Kumar

The Lok Sabha polls are underway and it is the topic of conversation everywhere. But what do the youth think about the elections? The Quint paid a visit to NCP chief Sharad Pawar's constituency Baramati to find what issues they will keep in mind while voting.

Kiran Devkar, a student of Vidya Pratishthan Polytechnic College said that he would vote carefully, keeping in mind whatever work the government had undertaken over the last five years, what progress they had brought about in education, and what they had done for students.

Another student of VPCC said that she would vote for for whoever provides facilities on time."Like how Supriya Sule built a college here. Because of this, our futures can be bright in a small town like this," she said.

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Another student said that she would vote keeping in mind the development of the community rather than the candidate.

“They built a college, we previously did not have a polytechnic college, now we do. Supriya Sule built a college here so we shall vote for her. I will be voting for the first time and I shall vote for her,” she said, speaking about the kind of development she meant.

One student said that he would keep in mind issues such as unemployment while voting.

Sambaji Borate, a student at the college said that he felt that the Modi government was working, but was carrying on its work along the UPA lines.

One student told The Quint that while Sharad Pawar was her preferred leader, Modi was on the second spot. When asked why, she said that it was because of surgical strikes.

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Another student said that he did not like Rahul Gandhi very much and preferred Modi because the latter did what he said he would, bringing up the example of the Balakot air strikes.

The students also said that they had noticed that India had not seen a Prime Minister from Maharashtra in a long time, adding that that was the reason they wanted either Sharad Pawar or Nitin Gadkari to become the PM.

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