Beyond a Fruity Smell: Ingredients in Floor Cleaners Which Help Fight Viruses

Floor cleaners should not be chosen just for their fruity smell. They should effectively fight all possible viruses.

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Covid-19 has been a wake-up call for many Indians who were otherwise very laid-back when it came to cleanliness. Even the busiest and “coolest” millennials wary and hyperaware of infections and viruses have started dusting, vacuuming and deep cleaning their homes as part of their Sunday morning chores.

We all know how quickly dirt, dust and grime can settle on our floors. Ensuring our homes stay clean has only become worse with rising pollution levels. Couple that with the dampness from humidity and our floors are often too sticky to walk on without the comfort of slippers. Our toddlers and pets are perhaps, more sensitive and at a greater risk of contracting any sort of infection from these pollutants.

Beyond a Fruity Smell: Ingredients in Floor Cleaners Which Help Fight Viruses

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Deep cleaning our floors is not just about selecting a fruity smelling floor cleaner from the display section of the supermarket aisle. On the contrary, some of these cleaners may prove to be inefficient and even counter-productive. Effective cleaning means reducing the microbial load off the floors. The trick is to find the right floor disinfectant and adopt disciplined cleaning techniques. Think about when you’re choosing from different varieties and brands of pasta. Today, most of us are very conscious about how organically our food produce has been sourced, the ingredients and proportions in which they are blended. Similarly, understanding the components of a disinfectant is key to selecting the right floor cleaner. Such that it does not just clean, but also disinfects appropriately.

Sodium Hypochlorite: A Must In Floor Cleaners

Now most of us may not have a degree in Chemistry and we don’t need one to know which is the correct floor cleaner. All we need to do is look out for Sodium Hypochlorite while reading through the ingredients section of the disinfectant. According to researchers, Sodium Hypochlorite is more effective at killing some forms of bacteria and viruses than other compounds and hence leading health organisations recommend using the ingredient for disinfection.

It exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity. It fights germs even at exceptionally low concentrations and is excellent at removing stains and foul smells. Therefore, SH also has the power to kill germs that other floor cleaners leave behind. The presence of Sodium Hypochlorite in the product makes it unaffected by water hardness and fast-acting. It removes dried or fixed organisms and biofilm, and has a low incidence of serious toxicity. It reacts with microbes, attacks proteins in the cells, causing the proteins to aggregate and the microbes to clump together and die. Floor surface cleaning products such as Domex contains >0.75% Sodium Hypochlorite which helps in killing germs almost instantly including coronavirus.

You could also add other DIY home remedies to your floor hygiene roster with the use of products consisting of vinegar, lemon juice, hot water among other things. But that cannot be all. A rotation with a reliable chemical cleaning agent is required to fight off viruses and bacteria and keep our homes clean. Domex is your one stop shop for everything cleanliness and hygienic. And what better than Domex Floor Cleaner for virus-free sparkling floors? Remember you can best protect yourself and your family from infections/flu/stomach issues by ensuring maximum cleanliness.

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