Flights and Airports: Brands' Preferred Target for Premium Audiences?

Are flights and airports the new favorites for brands in targeting premium audiences?

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The advertising landscape is evolving constantly, and this constant evolution has reached the skies. In-flight and airport branding are two emerging high-altitude advertising strategies. This new innovative type of advertising has already taken off and has been a runaway match-winner for targeting premium audiences.

Excellent Publicity is a full-service advertising agency and has a dedicated team for outdoor and ambient media campaigns, this team has also been executing inflight and airport campaigns for the past 5 years now and they have never seen such an increase in demand and elevated interest that they saw in 2023.

In today's fast-paced world, over 327 million individuals travel by flight each year. Brands have already realized this opportunity and are reaching out to their customers when they are on the go. In-flight and airport branding provide an immersive brand experience, especially when your target audience is receptive and captive, making it an ideal location for brands to reach their premium audience.

A higher rate of engagement above 30,000 feet

Karmraj Raval, Senior Media Manager at Excellent Publicity stated, “Imagine having the undivided attention of your premium audience, that is what In-flight advertising gives your brand. Passengers on a flight are confined to their seats for an extended time with limited entertainment options, and a well-crafted and compelling advertisement can capture their attention Premium travelers are mostly decision-makers, and an appealing advertisement can not only leave an indelible impression on their minds but also serve as a prospective lead”.

Rahul Katiyar, who looks after transit media at Excellent Publicity said, “Whether it's a meal tray graphic, a headrest cover, or an engaging video on seatback devices, in-flight advertisements allow brands to create a memorable and immersive experience, connecting with passengers. This obvious advertisement and the captive audience with limited distractions could be a game changer for brands seeking a premium audience.”

Airport - The Gateway to High-End Audiences

While in-flight advertising is reaching new heights, brands are also focusing on the ground with Airport Branding. In today's fast-paced world, airports serve as passengers' first point of contact. On average, travelers spend 70-90 minutes in airports throughout the arrival and departure process. The always-bustling airports often have passengers in a relaxed and receptive state of mind, presenting a golden opportunity for brands to engage with a premium audience.

From strategically placed billboards to digital displays, from lounges to duty-free shops, airports offer a platform for brands to make a lasting impression. With their high footfall and diverse demographics, airports allow brands to connect with premium travelers.

Elevating the brand experience

In-flight and airport branding provides an opportunity for brands to elevate the overall customer experience. With careful design and creative ad placement, these campaigns can leave an indelible impression on the minds of these high-end travelers. Brands may personalize their messaging for specific categories of travelers, creating an experience that fosters customer loyalty and recall. According to statistics, 30% of frequent flyers download an app after watching advertisements at airports.

Apart from traditional advertising, brands can use innovative strategies such as interactive displays to not only captivate people but also portray themselves as a forward-thinking brand that resonates with potential premium customers.

Measurable impact and ROI in the skies

Apart from eye-catching and strategic advertisement opportunities, in-flight and airport advertising helps brands measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. With advanced analytics and data tracking, brands can precisely track engagement metrics and collect data on consumer behavior. From analyzing online engagement of in-flight advertisements to evaluating foot traffic and customer interactions in airports, brands can now track the success rate of their marketing campaigns.

The sky is no longer the limit for brands seeking to establish a meaningful connection with high-end customers. In-flight and airport branding has helped brands reach their target premium customers. Excellent Publicity believes that the combination of a captive audience, significant foot traffic, and potential innovative approaches has made in-flight and airport branding the most sought-after advertising mediums. Airport advertising has a 20% greater reaction rate than roadside or other OOH advertising, making it a brand favorite in 2023, let’s see what the future holds for this new medium”.

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