India Fights COVID-19 Without Oxygen While Leaders Live In Denial

Over 2 lakh people have died in India due to COVID-19. These are just the official figures reported.
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How India is tackling its COVID crisis.
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How India is tackling its COVID crisis.

On 29 April, India reported over 3.60 lakh fresh COVID-19 cases and 3,293 deaths, the highest-ever single-day spike in any country.

India’s COVID-19 surge has been alarming to say the least. On one side, patients are gasping for breath as hospitals face shortage of medical oxygen and hospital beds and on the other, leaders of this country prioritise polls and religious festivals over its people.

Over 2 lakh people have died in the country since the start of the pandemic. These are just the official figures reported, the actual number could be a lot more.

As centre and states play the blame game, people continue to suffer from this unstoppable crisis.


Earlier this week, Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath conducted a virtual press conference and said that there was no shortage of oxygen in the state and action will be taken against those spreading rumours, under the National Security Act and the Gangsters Act against “anti-social elements”.

“There is no shortage of oxygen at any COVID hospital – be it private or government. The problem is black-marketeering and hoarding, which will be tackled with a heavy hand.”
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath

On 27 April, Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan suggested that the country is better equipped today to handle the COVID crisis.

“India is better prepared mentally and physically this year with more experience to beat the COVID-19 pandemic as compared to 2020.”
Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan

Oh well!

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Published: 26 Apr 2021,03:15 PM IST

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