From the Buri Ladki franchise, here’s how you could turn sanskari. (Photo: The Quint)
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Our Buri Ladki Turns So (Not) Sanskari, Thanks to Mahesh Sharma

(In the light of the Union Culture and Tourism Minister,Mahesh Sharma’s statements about women’s sartorial sense, The Quint is republishing its series on being a Buri Ladki.)

All women are naturally badass.

This is how Alicia Keys introduces a new denim collection for women. And we love it!

But unfortunately in India, voicing this sentiment may earn us the “Buri Ladki” label, or to use a more TRP-friendly word – the ‘anti-national’ label.

This Women’s Day The Quint decided to turn the buri ladki into a sanskari ladki.

If you ladies need some help then this is a perfect chart to follow and see the difference in just one week.