Bollywood All Set To Steal Sheena’s Thunder
Kanti Shah’s film on Sheena murder case featuring Sapna Tanveer. (Photo: <a href="">Twitter</a>)
Kanti Shah’s film on Sheena murder case featuring Sapna Tanveer. (Photo: Twitter)

Bollywood All Set To Steal Sheena’s Thunder

Six bold scenes! Frontal nudity! Five marriages and two boyfriends! Five groovy songs including a clubby track! Pardon the exclamation points, but I double flipped over the news about the announcement of the cheddary flick Sheena Murder Case.

No certificates for guessing who, what or which shocking, real-life murder case has inspired this Mumbai-manufactured movie by a filmmaker who’s described – justifiably!! (exclamations, mine) -- as the King of Sleaze.

That’s Kanti Shah for you who has scored a track record of scores of quickies (call them Boo-grade or Chhee-grade) over the years, many of them featuring Sapna Tanveer. And er, yes Sapna will be toplining Sheena Murder Case on the big bad screen. Plus, there will be an actress, er...coincidentally named Sheena.

And when the King of S was quizzed by a website, what if the aforementioned ladies refuse to go bold and bad before the camera, Kanti Shah tut-tutted words to the effect that there are plenty of other actresses (actresses?) who wouldn’t blush pink or purple before doing the needful. Two ‘heroes’ will be portrayed by Himanshu and Vicky. Who they, please?

Indrani, Peter and Vidhie. (Photo: Facebook)
Indrani, Peter and Vidhie. (Photo: Facebook)

Yuck, no seriously this is true. The legal obstacles which Kantiji, whom Wikipedia says lives in Mumbai, may encounter are his headache, of course.

The real-life Sheena Bora murder case with a vast ensemble of characters continues to twist and turn alarmingly every day. Does the Sleaze Shah care? Doubtful, very, doubtful.

From his oeuvre of sleaze flicks which have carried titles like Garam, Free Entry, Pyaasi Bhootni, Pyaasa Haiwan and Fauji Fauj Mein Padosi Mauj Mein, it can be safely surmised that Kanti Shah isn’t exactly a shahenshah of subtlety.

Bold and brazen himself, he has already gone on record to calculate the exact number of ‘bold scenes’ which will unspool in his Sheena Murder Case. The publicity poster is already up for the world to see.

King Kanti Shah, however, seems to hide his own face quite expertly, leading to one of the most lamentable gaffes on internet in recent times. Instead of the real Kanti Shah, sites show a photograph of Kundan Shah, the eminent filmmaker of the cult comedy Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro.

The poster of Kanti Shah’s Sheena Bora film. (Photo: <a href=";src=typd">Twitter</a>)
The poster of Kanti Shah’s Sheena Bora film. (Photo: Twitter)

To put it mildly, we are horrrrrrified by Kanti Shah’s knee-jerk response, if that’s the correct phrase, to the sensational true-life murder case.

He may well chortle all the way to the ATM though. First-come-is-first-consumed in movie land, isn’t it?

As for Mahesh Bhatt, who had declared that he had already written a script bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Indrani-Peter Mukerjea-Sheena Bora story, he may well have to rest in his armchair in peace.

(The writer is a film critic, filmmaker, theatre director and a weekend painter)

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