The Influx of Technology & Its Impact on Education in India

Education is no longer confined to classrooms as technology has emerged as a true enabler for the industry.

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Technology is playing a pivotal role in the K-12 education space in India.

Imagine going back to school again – taking down notes written on the board, learning by rote, cramming one night before the exam and later reproducing the same on the answer sheets. As much as we like to relive the memories of our school days, the thought of going through years of rote-learning is enough to put us off.

Thankfully, the K-12 education space in India has undergone a transformation in recent years, with technology playing a pivotal role. We are in the midst of a digital revolution, where educators and policymakers are increasingly focussing on digital learning.

Online Learning Replacing Traditional Learning

Technology has undeniably redefined the field of education, mostly for the better. Until a decade or two ago, students had no option, but to struggle with various reference books to learn a chapter or topic. Today, they can just go online and access endless learning resources; all from the comfort of their own homes.

There are various EdTech platforms that offer personalised learning, video tutorials and 24x7 doubt assistance, all in an effort to improve learning. As personalised learning becomes the norm, students are now opting for Internet-based smart learning over traditional learning.

It’s estimated that the Indian EdTech sector will be nearly worth $2 billion (Rs 13,790 crore) by 2021, according to a joint report by Google and KPMG India.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Gaining Traction

It’s a well-known fact that studying in groups can help students gain in-depth knowledge of any subject.

A growing amount of research has shown that peer-to-peer learning facilitates a deeper understanding of subjects and helps students gain a fresh perspective.

Unfortunately, at a time when students face tremendous academic pressure, taking out time from their busy schedules seems next to impossible. EdTech companies, however, have opened the door for student collaborations. There are some learning apps that have not only managed to make learning a social activity, but also an exciting one.

With the advent of gamification, edtech platforms have bought together students from all over the country to engage in games based on their school syllabus.


Learning has Never Been More Engaging

Teachers often confront students who fail to concentrate on the lessons taught. While short attention span could be caused by multiple factors, an outdated pedagogical approach is mainly to blame.

In the earlier days, schools across India largely followed the one-size-fits-all teaching method, which often left students underprepared.

While some managed to excel, most students struggled later in their career. The technological intervention has addressed this problem head on, by making educational content engaging.

The introduction of animation in video lectures has proven useful for students and teachers alike. Especially, when it comes to conceptual learning, modern tech-based tools have emerged as a saviour.


The Rise of Adaptive Learning

Artificial intelligence has begun to cause disruptions across industries only recently. Education, however, is one sector which has just started to scratch the surface of what could be possible. Adaptive learning, for instance, has taken the industry by storm.

This AI-based learning solution curates personalised learning paths for each student based on his/her level of comprehension. Adaptive learning enables students to learn at their own pace, thereby improving learning outcomes.

With the advent of EdTech platforms, interactive learning apps and interesting pedagogical methods, education is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. Technology has emerged as a true enabler for the industry, bringing in changes whenever necessary.

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