Dear Bhakts, Humanity Is the Only ‘Religion’ Worth Fighting For
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Dear Bhakts, Humanity Is the Only ‘Religion’ Worth Fighting For

I am tired of the constant outrage, of the incessant, unceasing assaults by people claiming to belong to my faith. I am tired of anyone with an opinion being labelled leftist, commie, “librandu".

I am tired of bigots and extremists posing as one of my own. I am tired of being asked – “where were you when...” – it is the most invincible and irrefutable (and flawed) argument of all times.

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Passing the Buck

I am tired of Hindus wanting to burst crackers at the expense of the environment. I am tired that a Supreme Court judgment feels like an attack on “our” traditions, whereas it’s about the bigger picture. I am tired of Hindus claiming that human pyramids are the only way to celebrate Lord Krishna, the beloved ‘maakkhan chor’.

I am tired of hearing how Jallikattu is part of our tradition, irrespective of the cruelty meted out to the bulls. I am tired of Hindus playing the ‘victim card’, as if everyone is out to get them. I am tired of Hindus never seeing the bigger picture.

I am tired of “Hindus” lynching others in the name of ‘gau raksha’. I am tired of the beef ban and the role my faith plays towards it. I am tired of my temples being used as places to oppress an entire community through the heinous act of the rape of an innocent child.

I am tired at the audacity they show by shifting the blame on people belonging to other communities.

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Ram Ke Naam

I am tired of explaining how this crime – committed in a “devisthan” to ensure that the Bakarwal community is terrorised – was committed by a Hindu. I am ashamed.

Too busy to read? Listen to the story instead.

This is not to say that any act of rape is less heinous. But to ask why religion was not brought into the Nirbhaya rape – the unequivocal, simple answer is the chargesheet filed in the case, did not have a confession by the accused that he did it to terrorise a particular community.

I am tired of reminding people that one of the accused in the Nirbhaya case has “Ram” in his name. One of the accused in the Kathua rape and murder case also has “Ram” in his name. I am sick of hearing – “Par mandir wahin banayenge.”

I am tired of my Gods, in whose name and premise, people defiled a child. I want to dissociate from this religion when a Hindu man lights another man on fire. I am tired of this blind faith, and this way of life. I am tired of the voices of the media that have been silenced over time, because any disagreement is seen as “anti-national” or “anti-hindu.”

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I am tired of paid hashtags trending on Twitter. I am tired of the media relentlessly broadcasting interviews of “Hindu-outfits” out to get Deepika Padukone’s nose or Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s head, with no accountability to its own laws, or the audience. I am tired how people claiming to be of my faith can issue death threats on national television without any consequences. I am tired of the assaults — relentless, and unceasing on my very existence as a human.

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Hanging Our ‘Hindu Heads’ in Shame

I am tired of the inaction (on all counts) of the government we elected, but above all, I am tired of the utter spinelessness of the ordinary Twitter-bhakt, whose final act of bravado was to vote for the current government, but not ask for accountability in return. I am angry that their only job is to defend the actions of the ruling party, or worse, claim how bad the previous ruling party was.

I am tired of telling people that I am a lawyer with no political affiliations. I am tired of telling people that I, a Hindu, am scared of the world we live in. I am tired of this polarisation.

I am tired of how the alleged Hindu-leadership has failed me time and again – as a woman, as a lawyer, to ensure fewer crimes against women. I am tired of how the law and order situation in my country has gone to the dogs, but the bhakts aren’t tired of pointing out statistics of pre-2014 era, and one up that. I am tired of waiting for the day the elected government decides to be democratic and development-oriented, as promised. I am tired of expecting bhakts to question the ruling government.

I am tired of these bigots who have found their voices in this era. I am tired of these extremists claiming to be one of my own. I hang my head in shame because of these self-appointed upholders of religion.

Hindu & Hindutva — Are NOT the Same

I am tired of explaining to people that Hinduism is a way of life. I am tired of explaining to people how Hinduism and Hindutva are NOT the same thing.

Is this a war worth fighting for? Yes. Because religion was made for and by humans. We were never supposed to be sub-subservient to a religion.

I may be a Hindu, but I am an educated individual first. I am an Indian, and therefore, I have the right to question my government. I would be anti-national if I were to not uphold the values of democracy. And I am a human, above all else, and humanity is one religion worth fighting for.

(The author is a feminist and a lawyer based out of Mumbai. Views expressed are the author’s own. The Quint neither endorses nor is responsible for them.)

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