An Open Letter to A Communal Brown Person Who Condemns Racism
Representational image of a protest held against racist attacks. 
Representational image of a protest held against racist attacks. (Photo Courtesy: IANS)

An Open Letter to A Communal Brown Person Who Condemns Racism

Dear Fellow Brown Person,

I know racism torments you, deeply. You told me about that trip you took to Disneyland, where a bunch of white dudes started ridiculing you for the colour of your skin. And how your NRI niece was given a hard time in high school by her white classmates. It is disgusting and heat-breaking, and I condemn it unequivocally.

I also, however, condemn your attitude towards the minority community of the country. In fact, it is beyond me how a survivor of racism can be such a vehement perpetrator of communalism. Truth be told, my dear, your preponderance supremacy is as puke-worthy as the racism you despise and oppose so strongly.

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Why You Are Similar to a White Supremacist

Why? Allow me to explain.

A white supremacist fails to understand anyone who is different in colour. You fail to understand anyone who is different in culture. A white supremacist feeds off stereotypes. You base your arguments on age-old stereotypes just the same. A white supremacist will cite articles published in right-wing zines to justify his biases. You fervently read and share articles off right-wing publications. A white supremacist is deeply insecure about his land, his practices, his jobs and his belief system — he thinks all people of colour are out to get them. You are terrorised by the mere thought of the minority community increasing in number.

Matters of Faith

Faith is as personal, as the colour of somebody’s skin, and yet you create a spectacle of “my faith vs yours” and use that spectacle to undermine the strength of someone else’s charecter. You condemn the minority for being regressive and inward looking, but, with all your education and exposure and travelling experience, you obstinately cling to banal and decrepit perceptions.

Terrorism is the bane of human existence, but if you think some faith is the reason there is terrorism in the world, then be assured your mind is not only as twisted as that of a racist, but also as that of a terrorist. You’re the reason why the children belonging to the minority community in your country are growing up with a deeper sense of insecurity than yours ever will. And what can be a stronger act of terrorism then instilling fear in the hearts of little children?

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Stop Coming Across As a Hypocrite

You’re also not saving your child by shaming the minority. You’re only hurting someone else’s. And that’s a lot like what the white people did to your NRI niece.

So, dear brown person, I hope you educate yourself. Once in a while, step out of your echo chamber and actually listen to the birds twittering outside. They may tell you things that Twitter (and Facebook) won’t. Correct the problems in your own community before calling out those in that of someone else’s. Follow the news, and not just the news anchors. Do your bit in make the world a kinder place. And maybe, then, when you censure racism in America or Australia or Europe, you won’t sound so hypocritical.

Lots of love,
A Brown Girl Looking for an Unbiased World

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(The author is a student of Law at an Indian university. This is a Reader’s Blog and the views expressed above are the author’s own. The Quint neither endorses nor is responsible for the same.)

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