If Lilly Singh Had Three Minutes to Give You a TED Talk

If Lilly Singh Had Three Minutes to Give You a TED Talk


Video Editor: Ashish Maccune
Cameraperson: Sanjoy Deb
Camera Asst: Gautam Sharma

YouTuber Lilly Singh has been outspoken about her struggles, how social media affected her, fighting depression in the last year of college and even anxiety. When you see her on screen today, just her presence makes you want to jump out and do something - dance or make videos like her or just be one tenth of how energetic she is.

So we decided to ask Lilly Singh to give us a TED Talk in three minutes flat. Watch the video to feel inspired and motivated.


What up everyone? It’s your girl Lilly. And something I’ve learned over the years, and something I would love to tell other girls is to show up for your own life. Because you know when I was growing up, I would really feel like I was being myself, but I would still place limitations on myself that were based on fear.

I would say, “Oh I’m being myself,” but I should still probably look like this. Oh I’m being myself but still, probably put makeup on. I would still probably be quieter not laugh so loud and something I have learned in that - the true happiness and true confidence is being fearless. I want to tell you that don’t live your life in a way where other people tolerate you. Don’t just be tolerated.

Be in a situation where you are celebrated - all of your quirks. Show up without any makeup. I have gone without makeup many, many times… it’s been amazing. I have laughed really really loud even when people looked. I have acted super weird even when people have been like what’s she doing and it’s made my life significantly better.

And in addition to that- ask questions. I feel like so often, especially growing up in a South Asian community, I was taught to accept certain things because that’s the way they are. And when you’d ask people they’d say - oh women have to do that because that’s always how it’s been and that’s the way things are, and that’s what’s respectable or that’s what tradition says. All my young girls- ask questions.

Question things that you don’t think sound right, that don’t benefit you or don’t positively impact you. And do it fearlessly. Stand up for yourself, stand up for others around you.

People often ask me the recipe for success and I always tell them two things, that is - work hard and be nice to people. There is no recipe for a viral video. There’s no recipe on how to make your book a bestseller. There’s no secret ingredient on how to become an actress or become an influencer or be good on set.

I really have done two things - I have worked hard and I have been nice to people. And when I say work hard, what I mean is that I don’t just dream for things. I don’t just hope for things. I don’t only just close my eyes and say, “Oh I really wish that I get to meet this person or work with this person.”

I do that but then I also put my head down and I work really hard. I pick people’s brains who I look up to. I research, I practice over and over and over again.

And in addition to that, I try to be kind to people. You know, I think this industry is so… crazy because often people tell me you should act more like a diva. You get away with it!

You should do this and you should let them know who is boss. But I feel like if you’re not kind, what else do you have? If you’re not fearless... and kindness as well that’s also very important because a lot of people have told me if you are too kind you’re walked all over. If you are too kind then people won’t take you seriously. And I always said that’s not true.

You can be kind and you can still be bold and you can still be fearless and you can still be successful. So never underestimate the power of being a good person when it comes to being successful. Anyways, that’s all for now and until next time, one love Lilly and that is a wrap. ZOOP.

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