Get Ready for More ‘Asli’ Hip-Hop From Rapper Emiway Bantai

Get Ready for More ‘Asli’ Hip-Hop From Rapper Emiway Bantai


Mumbai rapper Bilal Shaikh, better known as Emiway Bantai, is set to collaborate with teen sensation Celina Sharma for his upcoming track ‘Lean On’. The 23-year-old released his debut single in 2013 and catapulted to fame mostly through social media with tracks such as ‘Machayenge’ and ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya’.

17-year-old Indian-Australian singer Celina Sharma began singing at very young age, performing numbers from High School Musical for her friends and family while at preschool. As a teenager, she began sharing covers on TikTok and over time amassed over 40 thousand followers worldwide on the platform as well as scored a record deal with Virgin EMI.

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Read on for excerpts from The Quint’s conversation with Emiway and Celina.


Celina, you are from Australia and now you are in India. What does it feel like?

I mean, I love India, my family is here. I definitely love it. So different, so much culture... I love it!

Emiway, tell us something about the song.

The song is called ‘Lean On’ and it’s coming out next month on 27 August. So, this is something new. It’s a completely English song and there is a small bit of Hindi rap in the song. Just like how it’s done in Hindi songs. There’s a continuous song, then there is a rap but this time it’s like something new.

Celina what can you tell us about the song?

Yeah, I mean as Emiway said, it’s going to be something different. It’s basically a pop record and has like an Indian vibe to it and I think it’s something that the world hasn’t seen before, which I am really excited about.

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