Fed Up of Those Feminists? Pammi Tells You How To Deal With Them

Fed Up of Those Feminists? Pammi Tells You How To Deal With Them


Camera: Shiv Kumar Maurya
Editor: Ashish MacCune
Producer: Vivek Das


The Quint's Rj stutee lets her alter ego Pammi kaur take over as she writes a letter to men. Yes, the men who have crawled out of the woodwork recently, after the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Men who are fed up of all these "feminist type" slogans and discussions. She comes up with 4 quick tips that will help the men live in peace and tackle the feminist brigade.

To my dear men,

1. Let’s meditate and imagine a woman. Hold on. Are you getting wet dreams? Well, this is the tricky part. Here, we need to imagine a woman as a human being and not as a sex object. A bit difficult, right. But do give it a try. This will put an end half their list of tiresome complaints.

2. I’m sure you must have heard them saying, “Kitchen is our territory. We do all the work here, blah blah blah.” I’ll tell you how to deal with this. You’ve got to annex the kitchen space and turn it into something like a unisex gym. Following that, cook delicious food for them and fill them with guilt for daring to complain.

3. Now let Pammi make one thing crystal clear. These ‘feminazis’ don’t give two hoots about men. You’ve always given them all the attention they’ve required. You’ve stalked and stared at them to ensure that they don’t feel lonely. But, this lot is ungrateful. So to deal with this you’ve got to learn how to ignore them. For instance, if a girl in skirt walks past, don’t turn to look at her. If ever you propose to a girl and she says ‘no’, just don’t bother her any further. Believe me, this will, without any doubt, shut the mouths of all these feminists.

4. And finally, just let them do whatever they want to. If she says, “I want to look after my father’s business.” Just tell her, “Go ahead.” “I want to drive.” You tell her, “Please do.”

Pammi gives you a guarantee. All you have to do is follow this advice and apply these tips. Thereafter, you will see for yourself that you will have taken away whatever these feminists had to complain about.

Yours lovingly,

Pammi Kaur

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