Why Blame Sri Lanka For Pointing Out The Obvious - Delhi Is Toxic

Why Blame Sri Lanka For Pointing Out The Obvious - Delhi Is Toxic

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We all know what the situation of pollution is like in Delhi. I wanted to bring your attention towards it. If we want to win this fight against pollution, we have to all work together towards it. It is our duty to decrease the growing levels of pollution
Virat Kohli (on 15 November)

That was Virat Kohli three weeks back, urging Delhiites to get together and work towards improving the air quality in Delhi. On Sunday at the Feroz Shah Kotla, the Sri Lankan cricketers showed what poor air quality can actually do to sportsmen. Four of them threw up, and many needed oxygen supply to deal with the smog over the Feroz Shah Kotla. But all that the Indian fans saw were eleven cricketers who did not want to stay on the field anymore, what with Virat Kohli scoring at a whim and India having posted over 500 runs on the board.

And how did they react? By calling Sri Lanka ‘sore losers,’ of course! Actors hai yaar! How else were they going to stop Virat Kohli from scoring a triple ton! Pollution hi hai, get used to it guys. Get on with the game!

But why should they get on with the game? Why should they be forced to play in unhealthy conditions?

Instead of questioning the integrity of the Sri Lankan cricketers who were on the field representing their country, why did India not see the bigger problem? That the “very unhealthy” levels of pollution is not normal. Playing under a cloud of smog, is not acceptable. Not for Sri Lankan cricketers. Not for Indian cricket. Not for anyone.

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