No Buildings, No Classrooms, Yet These Schools Educate 200 Kids

No Buildings, No Classrooms, Yet These Schools Educate 200 Kids

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If a kid can’t come to school, the school must go to them. This is the principle under which the dedicated women of Sunaayy Foundation work. The organisation was founded in 2009 with the mission to educate the underprivileged children from the slums of New Delhi.

With no building or classrooms, these unique schools operate on street pavements under the shade of trees.

The schools operates from Monday to Friday and the number of children studying in them are growing day by day. So far, the foundation has around 200 kids enrolled in 3 schools in different locations in New Delhi. The one at Vasant Kunj is the oldest one. The foundation also provides uniform and free meals to the kids.

The organisation was founded by Richa Prasant in 2009. Prasant left behind a corporate job to empower needy children from slums.

I followed my heart and in this whole journey, my family and friends have been my constant support and have played a vital role in the school’s foundation.
Richa Prasant, Founder, Sunaayy Foundation

The schools use pictures, charts, and activities like storytelling and dancing to educate the kids about cleanliness, hygiene, and etiquette. They aims to save these children from a life of theft and drugs.

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