Have You ‘Outsourced’ Your Thinking to the Ones Who Threaten?

Have You ‘Outsourced’ Your Thinking to the Ones Who Threaten?

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There is a noise in the country. It must have reached your ears too – of killing, cutting, prizes, names and announcements. Someone wants Deepika’s nose to be cut off, while Bhansali's head has a reward for Rs 5 crore, some are hell bent on chopping off the hands of Modi’s opponents, and others have put a price on Farooq Abdullah’s words.

Sometimes when you look at a newspaper, you can’t make out if you are living in India or in an area affected by the Taliban.

What is going on? Or, an even bigger question – why is this happening? And perhaps the most important question – why is this being allowed to happen? It is important to understand this mentality that seems to transform the world's largest democracy into a backward, world-renowned Taliban region.

Anchor: Neeraj Gupta
Video Editor: Mohammad Ibrahim
Video Producer: Hera Khan

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