Can You Imagine a Snake Crawling Up The Nose? Now Watch This

Kung Fu master Wu Song showed off his ‘creepy’ talents including pulls a snake through his nostrils.

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Kung Fu master Wu Song showed off his ‘creepy’ talents, including pulling a snake through his nostrils.

I began practising when I was 12 years old. I learned these skills from several Kung Fu masters. When I started to learn this snake talent, I had to tame a poisonous snake and get it used to its smell.
Wu Song, Kung Fu master

Wu Song can do another seemingly impossible feat – he can lift two buckets of water and also pull a trolley full of people using hooks hanging from his eyelids.

He also wants to transfer these skills to his next generation, so he has started training of his son. But his son is a reluctant learner.

Ordinary people can’t do this.In order to inherit the techniques,I should practice a lot. To be honest, it makes me really uncomfortable. 
Xiao Yong, Son of Wu Song

Video Editor: Mohd. Ibrahim

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