Bloodstains, Panicked Parents: The Quint’s Inside View From Jamia

Bloodstains, Panicked Parents: The Quint’s Inside View From Jamia

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The Delhi Police laid siege to the Jamia Millia Islamia University early Sunday, 15 December, evening, a move that the police claimed was to ‘nab outsiders’, following protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Soon after, Jamia Millia Islamia Chief Proctor Waseem Ahmed Khan said that the police forcibly entered the campus without permission and beat up staff members and students who were forced to leave the campus.

Several students claimed that they remained stranded in the library, now which is now broken and vandalised, where the police fired tear gas at them. Many also claimed that the mosque inside the campus was vandalised by the police. South East Delhi DCP Chinmoy Biswal denied any police involvement. He said that the police just went inside to see the damage caused by the 'miscreants'.

After The Quint’s Asmita Nandy managed to get inside the campus once the police retreated, all that was discovered were broken windows, bloodstains, panicked parents and missing students.

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“After the police attacked us, some parents came and took their children home. Some people have been hiding, some others were taken to hospitals in ambulances. There might be many who must be hiding out of fear. Don’t know about the rest,” said one student who lives in the campus.

“There are 40-50 students whose whereabouts aren’t known to anybody. The police hasn’t told anybody where the students are being taken. From what we’ve been told, even while the students were being taken in a bus, they were being beaten inside,” an alumnus told The Quint.

“I was right here when they barged into the library, lathi-charged anybody they saw and fired tear gas shells at them,” he said while showing a used tear gas shell.

Students told PTI that police personnel pushed female students and no women officials were present.

Four buses and two police vehicles were torched in south Delhi's New Friends' Colony, reported PTI.

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